I am far, far too silly to contextualise Ynglet in any significant means, so as an alternative, having performed it for a half hour, I’m simply going to let you know what I did.

A big 2D airplane, and I’m this humorous little dancing doodle transferring round in it. I have a tail and type of a head I guess and I fall until I’m inside one of these little 2D shapes that give the place a form of doodled form and kind. I can transfer between them and journey a bit, however I at all times have to find yourself inside a form or I fall and restart.

It feels pretty, like swimming, and with the fixed tug of gravity. And it is forgiving, as a result of if I need to declare that the form I’m at present inside is a checkpoint I simply hand around in it for just a few seconds after which a line is drawn round it and bang: it is a checkpoint.

Some shapes set off vibrant sprawls and petals as I transfer by means of them, they usually all create sounds of some form. I realise fairly shortly that the thought, no less than for now, is to transfer round and accumulate little spinning issues made of pure color. I transfer round. I accumulate little spinning issues made of pure color. Then I’m someplace else.


This someplace else appears like a metropolis, albeit the sketch of one or the map of one – an abstracted map like a tube map. There are little orange strains that really feel like stations, and when I transfer into one, it zips me alongside a little bit rail after which I have to join to one other form or one other station earlier than I begin to fall once more. I can press a button that slows my falling and permits me to ping ahead in a set path, and shortly it is type of mitochondrial pinball as I’m bouncing round, using rails, bumping off bump pads, at all times making an attempt to transfer ahead and never get caught in a loop.

Eventually – I’m skipping ahead as a result of I realise that that is about as fascinating as listening to somebody describe a dream – I transfer past the usual rail network and discover one other secret network. Reader, Ynglet is a sport by which I found a secret underground transport network composed of ghostly avocados. Where does it lead? No concept. Ynglet is difficult to discuss, then – I hold plinking between metaphors. Cell construction? Ice cubes? Urban transport? – however it’s a pleasure to play. It’s headed to PC and it is going to be good.

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