The United Federation of Planets insignia may have solely six stars in Star Trek: Discovery season 3 – however why? In the dramatic finale to Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season, Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham and the remainder of the Discovery crew journey 900 years into the long run to be able to forestall the quickly advancing Section 31 Control A.I. from taking up mankind. Venturing into a totally unknown and untouched a part of the Star Trek timeline, season Three of Star Trek: Discovery will lastly have the liberty to inform tales that are not tightly restricted by established canon.

At the latest 2019 New York Comic Con occasion, the primary trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season Three was unveiled and, predictably, the long run is not as rosy as Burnham and her pals would possibly’ve hoped. Before ready a yr for her hair to develop out, Burnham finds her approach to a distant workplace and comes face-to-face with the acquainted blue flag of the Federation. However, there is a very noticeable distinction between the badge seen in the usual Star Trek timeline and the one used within the 32nd century, particularly that the up to date model has solely six stars in comparison with the good many seen on the unique insignia.

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The Federation badge used within the 23rd/24th centuries has a smattering of stars that symbolize every member of the 150+ robust bloc, a lot in the identical approach the flag of the U.S. makes use of stars to suggest its variety of states. The three greatest stars (on the Federation flag, not the U.S. one, sadly) symbolize Vulcan, Earth and Andoria, as revealed in Star Trek: Enterprise, with these three planets thought of the founders of the Federation. Strangely, there is not any star for the Tellarites, who have been additionally current on the signing of the primary treaty.

Star Trek Federation Logo

The up to date Federation flag has 2 remaining giant stars and four smaller ones, indicating that the group has undergone a drastic discount in energy and affect over the previous 9 centuries. The Star Trek: Discovery season Three trailer would not clarify whether or not the lacking planets have been destroyed or have merely left the union of the Federation (Frexit, if you’ll), however the presence of violent Andorians within the trailer means that the latter is extra probably. This in flip implies that Earth and Vulcan stay part of the dwindling Federation sooner or later.

This exodus of Federation membership ties in neatly with feedback made by David Ajala’s new character, Cleveland Booker, who calls Starfleet a “ghost.” As the Federation’s navy and exploration arm, it is totally potential that Starfleet has been deserted totally within the 32nd century and is not in operation as a result of drastic discount within the Federation’s assets, allies and territory. As teased within the Star Trek: Discovery season Three trailer, that is probably the “domino impact” referred to by Burnham, and the Discovery’s crew look set to attempt to undo no matter misfortune has befallen their group. Taking on such a mission is perhaps an indication that the downfall of the Federation just isn’t a pure a part of the timeline, however a consequence of Control and Discovery’s meddling with the timeline.

For some Star Trek followers, the inner bickering that has evidently taken place throughout the Federation is a betrayal of Gene Roddenberry’s authentic imaginative and prescient for the long run, the place mankind had moved past such trivial squabbles and challenges got here from with out, fairly than inside. However, the validity of this criticism will rely totally on the context Star Trek: Discovery locations across the Federation’s predicament, and it might maybe even be argued that the trendy actuality of real-life occasions demand much less idealistic storytelling than the 1960s.

Star Trek: Discovery season Three premieres in 2020 on CBS All Access and Netflix internationally.

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