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Undertale creator and Homestuck composer Toby Fox did a observe for Pokémon Sword and Shield and, upon listening to it, we’ve realized it sounds like it’s pulling a melody from a infamous Homestuck-related observe: “The Baby is You.”

The unique observe was made earlier than Fox did official work for Homestuck, in response to a rule on the MS Paint Adventures boards that banned customers from posting artwork of the characters being pregnant. (MS Paint Adventures was the web site that hosted Homestuck, together with creator Andrew Hussie’s different works.) As the characters had been 13 within the webcomic on the time, the discussion board didn’t need any shenanigans.

Fox’s response was to make a brief album about how Dave Strider, a character from the comedian, is pregnant and the newborn is most important character John Egbert. If you assume this doesn’t make sense, you’re proper. It wasn’t actually alleged to.

The final a part of the rock opera is what ended up getting used within the Sword and Shield observe. You can hear it in a comparability video beneath.

Fox is understood for re-using melodies in his iconic songs. His extraordinarily common observe, “Megalovania,” was initially utilized in a EarthBound hack mod, then utilized in Homestuck, and then used as Sans’ theme from Undertale. While followers of Fox know this, no one fairly anticipated him to make use of a melody from his most shitpost-y observe ever made — particularly not for Sword and Shield. Of course, we don’t know if that is an intentional call-back to “The Baby is You,” or if it’s simply comparable in its melody.

You can try an animated video for the unique “The Baby is You” observe beneath, if you wish to fall down that rabbit gap.

With “Megalovania” making it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and “The Baby is You” making it into Pokémon Sword and Shield, it’s been a huge yr for Toby Fox and Homestuck followers.

Update: A earlier model of this text mentioned that Toby Fox was banned from the MS Paint Adventures discussion board for posting this song, however Marcy Nabors, a sound impact artist for the Homestuck sport Hiveswap said Fox was not banned for posting the song, and that Fox went on to make use of a personal board on the boards, finally resulting in him engaged on Homestuck’s music. This publish has been corrected to replicate this.


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