Within the final episode we noticed that Malhar asks Pawar to proceed cleansing the lake at any price. Whereas he’s on the way in which to the lake website, he finds some barrels put by the villagers in his means. They attempt to assault on him however Sarthak arrives there and stops them. Sarthak additionally asks Malhar to cease the cleansing of the lake by exhibiting him a keep order by the courtroom. Malhar will get upset however he asks Pawar to proceed digging the lake because the order has subsequent day’s date. In the meantime, Anupriya tries to persuade Aau Saheb for not interfering within the problem of lake cleansing as Malhar is dealing with the case. For the time being, Malhar learns a couple of automobile which is discovered within the cleansing. Malhar asks Pawar to get the automobile cleaned for additional investigation. Alternatively, Kalyani and Anupriya see that Swara may be very a lot connected to her anklets however certainly one of them is damaged. Kalyani asks Anupriya to get it stitched. Anupriya feels that she has seen the anklet earlier than.

Tonight’s episode begins with Malhar (Sehban Azim) instructing Pawar concerning the cleansing of the automobile which they discovered within the lake. He doubts that the villagers and Aau Saheb have to be realizing concerning the accident occurred with the automobile. Alternatively, Asavari asks to not be apprehensive as Sarthak has given keep orders to cease the cleansing of the lake. Alternatively Kalyani appears to be stressed. By that point Malhar enters the home. Kalyani finds him tensed. Malhar tells her concerning the keep order by Sarthak to cease the cleansing of the lake. Whereas he’s about to inform her concerning the automobile, he stops. Kalyani insists him to inform her the problem however Malhar doesn’t. By that point Kalyani sees Swara coming. So Kalyani drags Malhar near her. Malhar will get indignant however Kalyani detaches the button of Malhar’s shirt.

Swara feels awkward to see them shut. Kalyani and Malhar fake to be romantic in entrance of her. Kalyani brings thread and niddle to sew the button. Malhar retains looking at Kalyani. Each of them get misplaced in one another’s eyes. After some time, Malhar will get name from Pawar who informs Malhar that the doorways of the vehicles should not getting opened so they should name mechanic. Malhar asks Pawar to attend for the mechanic however to not reveal that the automobile is of their custody. Kalyani sees Malhar very a lot apprehensive with it. Afterward she discusses about the identical with Anupriya. Anupriya additionally tells Kalyani concerning the receipt of 26th July. However Kalyani asks her to disregard that. Swara overhears their dialog however the flower vase falls down by her. Kalyani turns again. Swara enters the kitchen. Kalyani surprises Swara by giving her anklets with the one which has been stitched. However Swara will get very stressed. She reacts weirdly and pushes Kalyani away. By that point Madhav comes there.

Swara will get very scared. However Madhav asks Kalyani to serve him meals after an hour as soon as he finishes the riyaaz. Whereas leaving from there, Madhav notices the anklets with Swara. He will get very livid. Kalyani handles the scenario by saying that it’s her anklets. Madhav warns her to not put on the anklets and dance in the home as he doesn’t like that the women of Rane household to bounce like that. Asavari makes him relax. Anupriya additionally assures them that Kalyani won’t do something with out their permission. Kalyani feels that Swara have to be liking to bounce with the anklets however due to her father, she can not do it. So Kalyani decides to make Swara put on the anklets once more and dance. Alternatively, Malhr calls a mechanic who tries arduous to open the doorways of the automobile. However he fails. So he tells Malhar that he’ll want another devices to open the door as they’re very badly jammed. Malhar asks the mechanic to get the instrument asap.

By that point Kalyani calls Malhar. She asks concerning the happenings. Malhar will get irked and tells Kalyani that he’s doing lavani dance. Kalyani tells Malhar that Moksh is lacking him. Malhar will get delighted to listen to Moksh’s voice and tells Kalyani that he can be again residence in a while. Kalyani will get an concept of performing lavani in entrance of Malhar to make Swara get again to her dance interest. Malhar comes again residence. Whereas he’s enjoying with Moksh, Kalyani switches off the lights and performs lavani tune. She begins performing. Swara hears the sound of the lavani tune. Swara heads over to Malhar’s room. She tries to cease her ft going in the direction of there however nonetheless retains transferring ahead along with her fingers shivering. Swara enters Mlhar’s room however she seems very devastated and bizarre. Kalyani and Malhar get scared to see her like that. Will Swara come out of her fobia with anklets due to her father? Keep tuned for extra updates.


  • ByRadhika Inamdar