BasicsQAdd new activity with Quick Add¹AAdd new activity at backside of checklist¹Shift + AAdd new activity at prime of checklist²SAdd part³Ctrl + MAdd fast remarkUUndo final motion (if potential)Shift + Left-clickSelect a number of contiguous dutiesCtrl + Left-clickSelect a number of non-contiguous dutiesCtrl + Up ArrowMove to activity above activity presently being editedCtrl + Down ArrowMove to activity beneath activity presently being edited/ OR
FShift focus to Quick Find (search field)EscCancel present editEnterSave newly created activity and create new activity beneath itShift + EnterSave modifications to current activity and create new activity beneath itCtrl + EnterSave newly created activity and create new activity above it OR
Save modifications to current activity and create new activity above it?Show Todoist shortcuts⁴Ctrl + Right ArrowIncrease activity indent⁴Ctrl + Down ArrowDecrease activity indentShift + Left-clickComplete and archive a sub-task or recurring activity⁵Text Formatting@Add label#Pick mission#ERROR!Add assigneep1, p2, p3, p4Set precedence degree* TaskIdentifyHide checkbox for present activityCtrl + B OR
**Text** OR
__Text__ OR
!!Text!!Emphasize textual content in daring lettersCtrl + I OR
*Text* OR
_Text_Italicize textual content***Text*** OR
___Text___Emphasize textual content in daring letters and italicize itURL(AnchorText) OR
[URL](AnchorText)Create hyperlink`Code`Insert code inline“`CodeBlock“`Insert code block⁶Task SortingDSort duties by datePSort duties by precedenceNSort duties by identifyRSort duties by assignee (particular person accountable)Windows-Only ShortcutsCtrl + Alt + TShow/Hide TodoistCtrl + Alt + AOpen Quick Add activity panelMEnter multi-select modeAlt + EnterSave and go to feedbackTabOpen full activity editorCtrl + FOpen searchF5Sync manuallyHomeNavigate to default web pagePgUpNavigate to earlier view²Alt + Shift + Right ArrowIncrease activity indent²Alt + Shift + Left ArrowDecrease activity indentmacOS-Only ShortcutsControl + Cmd + TShow/Hide TodoistControl + Cmd + AOpen Quick Add activity panel²Cmd + Right ArrowIncrease activity indent²Cmd + Left ArrowDecrease activity indentMobile-Only ShortcutsCtrl + NOpen Quick Add activity panel⁷Ctrl + Shift + NCreate new activity at prime of checklistCtrl + Shift + PCreate new missionCtrl + Shift + LCreate new labelCtrl + Shift + FCreate new filterCtrl + EnterSubmit remarkCtrl + 1Open Inbox⁸Ctrl + Shift + 1Open Team InboxCtrl + 2Open TodayCtrl + 3Open Next 7 daysCtrl + 4Toggle Projects checklistCtrl + 5Toggle Labels checklistCtrl + 6Toggle Filters checklistCtrl + FOpen SearchCtrl + ,Open SettingsCtrl + SSync manuallyKeywords for Task Schedulingevery single day OR
day by dayEvery day ranging from right noweach morningEvery day at 9ameach nightEvery day at 7pmeach weekday OR
each workdayEvery Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridayeach monday, friday OR
ev monday, friday OR
each mon, fri OR
ev mon, friEvery Monday and Fridayeach Three daysEvery three days beginning right noweach week OR
weeklyEvery week beginning right noweach month OR
month-to-monthEvery month beginning right nowyearly OR
yearlyEvery 12 months beginning right noweach 2nd fridayEvery second Friday of the montheach 25th OR
each 2525th of each montheach jun 25thEvery June 25theach final dayLast day of each monthevery single day beginning might 5 OR
from might 5Every day beginning May fifthevery single day ending might 5 OR
till might 5Every day beginning right now and ending on May fifthevery single day for Three weeksEvery day for the subsequent three weeks beginning right nowevery single day from 10 aug till 20 augEvery day beginning August 10th and ending August 20theach 6 weeks at 09:00 beginning jan 3Every six weeks beginning on January third, at 9ameach! two months beginning jan 3Every two months ranging from final completion date⁹Filters and Other Operators#ProjectNameTasks in ProjectName##ProjectNameTasks in ProjectName and its sub-projectsassigned to: CollaboratorNameTasks assigned to CollaboratorNameassigned by: CollaboratorNameTasks assigned by CollaboratorNameassigned by: meTasks assigned by youassignedTasks assigned to anybody (together with you)sharedAll duties in shared initiativesrecurringTasks with a recurring due dateno date OR
no due dateTasks with out a due dateoverdue OR
over due OR
odOverdue dutiesThree days OR
subsequent Three daysTasks due inside the subsequent three daysdue earlier than: May 27Tasks due earlier than May 27thdue after: May 27Tasks due after May 27thp1 OR
precedence 1Tasks with precedence degree 1p2 OR
precedence 2Tasks with precedence degree 2p3 OR
precedence 3Tasks with precedence degree 3no precedenceTasks with no precedence@LabelNameTasks with label LabelNameno labelTasks with out a labelcreated: Mar 5Tasks created on March fifthcreated earlier than: -365 daysTasks created greater than 365 days in the pastcreated after: -365 daysTasks created inside the final 365 dayssearch: KeywordNameTasks containing key phrase KeywordName&Boolean AND (Eg: p1 & overdue)|Boolean OR (Eg: shared OR @pink)!Boolean NOT (Eg: no label & !p2)*Wildcard operator (Eg: @*tech)¹Available in Inbox, Today, Next 7 days, and Projects.

²Available in Inbox and Projects solely.

³Available on internet and macOS solely.

⁴Available on internet solely.

⁵Syntax works in activity names and feedback solely.

⁶Available on internet and desktop solely; accessible in Inbox and Projects solely.

⁷Available on Android solely; accessible in Inbox and Projects solely.

⁸Team Inbox is accessible solely as a part of a Todoist Business subscription.

⁹These can be found solely with Todoist Premium and Todoist Business subscriptions.


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