The last Black Widow trailer is out, and it shines a highlight on a villain who had been solely fleetingly referenced in earlier footage: the Taskmaster. We get a way more detailed take a look at the character in the trailer, and from the appears of it, combating Taskmaster is the equal of combating the total roster of The Avengers at the identical time, since he appears to be replicating all their combating kinds.

In the comics, Taskmaster injected himself with a serum which augmented his physique’s procedural reminiscence potential. What this implies is that the comedian model of Taskmaster is in a position to take in information instantaneously and replicate actions completely after seeing them carried out as soon as. This permits him to duplicate the combating model of anybody and beat them at their very own sport. Over a protracted historical past of copying strikes, Taskmaster has emerged as one of the most harmful fighters in Marvel comics.

It is unclear whether or not the Taskmaster in the film has an identical backstory as his comedian counterpart, however he’s proven to have some kind of recording gear embedded in his face masks and could be seen learning footage of Black Widow in motion to be taught her strikes.

This units up the combat scenes the Taskmaster engages in all through the trailer. We see him throwing a protect with the precision of Captain America. We additionally see him draw out claws throughout a combat and assault his opponent in a fashion reminiscent of Black Panther. Then there’s the bow and arrow which he clearly realized to use from watching footage of Hawkeye. And lastly, his grounded hand-to-hand model of combating appears impressed by Black Widow herself.

What all of this implies is that Natasha aka Black Widow can have to reckon with not only one however a number of combating kinds, all based mostly on her allies that she has fought alongside in the previous. Taskmaster’s common model and demeanor is kind of reminiscent of the Winter Solider when he was nonetheless a villain. Both characters put on masks, a rarity in the MCU, and are proven to be silently and brutally environment friendly at taking out enemies. Also like the Winter Soldier, Taskmaster seems to be a footsoldier for a a lot bigger and sinister group.

Could this imply that Taskmaster will observe an identical trajectory to Winter Soldier? Where he begins out as a masked baddie, however is later revealed to be man from Captain America’s previous? After all, the Taskmaster from the comics later developed into an anti-hero. And the identification of the film Taskmaster has been purposely stored hidden in the promos to this point, which might make sense if he has already appeared as a special individual from Natasha’s life. All these questions and extra will quickly be answered as soon as Black Widow makes its manner to theaters on the 24th of April, when followers will lastly get to take pleasure in a complete standalone film centered round Natasha Romanoff.

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