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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s fight might be robust at first. With a single-bladed lightsaber, it is potential to outlive most enemy encounters so long as you preserve your composure and time your parries good. But when a gaggle of enemies surrounds you, issues begin to get overwhelming. Crowd administration is a handful early on, because it takes some fast reflexes and good use of your Force powers to beat a number of enemies directly. But what if we informed you there is a weapon you will get that’ll make your life simpler?

You most likely intuited it from the textual content above, however you may unlock the dual-bladed lightsaber. It’s extremely helpful towards crowds, and it is one thing that you just will not get till later on–unless you observe the instructions we have detailed under. While it is viable to attend till you unlock it naturally within the story, we advocate getting it earlier by way of two particular eventualities.

For extra Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order guides, try our newbie’s information and our function on the perfect abilities to unlock first. Otherwise, scroll on all the way down to see find out how to unlock your true crowd-controlling Jedi potential.

How To Get The Dual-Bladed Lightsaber

Method 1: Dathomir

The first probability to get the dual-lightsaber is the quickest, however it’s additionally probably the most troublesome. After ending enterprise in Bogano, you are capable of journey to 2 planets: Zeffo and Dathomir. The latter is an non-obligatory planet that you just’re not required to go to to advance the story, however primarily based on Jedi Master Eno Cordova’s findings, it is a spot price investigating. Dathomir is a harmful place crammed with highly effective enemies, however when you’re courageous sufficient to beat its myriad challenges, you may web your self the dual-lightsaber earlier.

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When you arrive at Dathomir, progress by way of its varied twists and turns till you attain a cloaked aged man in an space referred to as Brother’s Bastion. You’re free to speak with the outdated man if you would like, however he’ll largely spout cryptic nonsense. From the place he is standing, leap all the way down to the realm under and head left down a path main you again the place you got here. But as a substitute of returning topside, run into the cave forward to discover a workbench with the particular half wanted to unlock dual-bladed performance in your lightsaber.

Method 2: Bagano

If the Dathomir methodology is an excessive amount of bother, you are capable of get the dual-lightsaber at its second location. Though if you have not discovered a brand new Scomp Link for BD-1, we advocate studying our information on find out how to get one earlier first, as you are going to want it.

After ending up your aims in Zeffo and getting the Force Push means, return to the Mantis, and Cere will inform you that it may be price going again to Bogano. You may be fast to dismiss this delicate wink and nod, however do not! Return to this introductory planet and make your manner again to the zipline going from the Abandoned Workshop to the Great Divide. Remember that damaged bridge there that was bent upwards? You can straighten it out now with Force Push.

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Once you have accomplished so, proceed ahead and make a proper on the fork, which is able to lead you to the decrease stage of the Abandoned Workshop. Jump all the way down to the rock platform surrounded by water and climb up the vine wall. Take the pathway main up till you see a door to your proper. Use BD-1’s Scomp Link to slice the panel and unlock the door. Enter the room to discover a workbench holding the half required to present your lightsaber dual-bladed performance.

Dual-Lightsaber Tips

As said, the dual-lightsaber is your go-to weapon towards teams of enemies. If surrounded, bust it out and begin flailing. Okay, possibly do not flail mindlessly, however the usual assault button initiates a fast assault that may make contact with enemies round Cal. It additionally helps to not lock onto enemies, so you may higher intention and alter your swinging to make sure you’re hitting enemies as successfully as potential.

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The dual-lightsaber’s heavy assault is useful while you’re struggling towards a gaggle and want some additional energy to dispatch the weaker enemies swarming round you. It’s additionally fairly fast, however has a barely longer cooldown. New assaults for the dual-lightsaber that additional your crowd-controlling potential are unlocked the second you get it, too, so we advocate investing in them early to make sure you’re at all times ready for a tense group battle.

Lastly, the dual-lightsaber is particularly terrible towards one-on-one boss fights. Sure, it seems superior when utilizing it in a duel towards an enemy inquisitor such as you’re Darth Maul 2.0, however it’s nowhere close to as efficient and makes you much less agile.


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