The Original Story Of Chandni Revealed!

The Authentic Story Of Chandni Revealed!

Movie critic-journalist Anupama Chopra’s mom Kamna Chandra had penned the story of this Sridevi starrer.

In an interview, Chopra revealed, “In my mother’s original story, Chandni marries Rishi Kapoor’s character Rohit. They have a son. But post-crash Rohit becomes insecure. His family becomes abusive and finally Chandni walks out on her husband and young son. She finds a career and love again with Lalit, played by Vinod Khanna.”

The Twist In The Tale

The Twist In The Story

“The last scene had her son, now a teenager, coming with a bouquet of flowers to his mother’s wedding because he understands her reasons for leaving and supports her quest for happiness.”

Yash Chopra Changed The Film's Climax For This Reason

Yash Chopra Modified The Movie’s Climax For This Purpose

“Yashi ji liked the story however maybe he felt it was too forward of its instances. And so after many discussions, the narrative turned tamer – Chandni and Rohit are engaged, not married – and finally they’re reunited on the finish,’ revealed Chopra.

A Milestone Called 'Chandni'

A Milestone Known as ‘Chandni’

Anupama additional added, “The movie additionally turned impossibly shiny and delightful. It had a number of loopholes in logic – particularly that bit the place Rohit and Lalit meet overseas and sing a music concerning the girl every loves, not understanding that they’re each singing about the identical girl.”

The movie went on to develop into the second highest-grossing movie of 1989. It even bagged a Nationwide Award and a Filmfare award for Finest Cinematography.

Yash Chopra Initially Called Chandni A 'Suicide Attempt'

Yash Chopra Initially Known as Chandni A ‘Suicide Try’

Within the e book ‘Yash Chopra: Fifty Years Of Cinema’, the filmmaker revealed, “We started with a distinct therapy of the identical movie, extra like an artwork movie. We had a muhurrat in November with Sridevi, Chintu [Rishi Kapoor] and Vinod Khanna. It was a romantic shot, with unbelievable, lovely individuals. Within the first model, Sridevi marries Chintu, has a son. Within the second half of January we went to Delhi. We began a two-day shoot. When mixing, I thought it was improper and determined to vary.

The following morning I sat day and night time altering the script to the interval. Sridevi mentioned she had full religion in me. Chintu requested me to inform him the scenes. Vinod was an action-oriented hero, so there was to be a scene the place he saves Sridevi from a hearth. I lower it and rang up Sridevi and mentioned I was going to repicturise it. The distributors had been nervous. How are you going to have Vinod Khanna and no motion?

One distributor even left the image as a result of I was speaking Vinod Khanna in a non-action position. I needed him as a result of he was a mature individual and would go well with Sridevi. I gave them a reduction so the phrases had been in my favour. I needed a romantic movie with lovely music. I was sick of violence.”


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