Spoiler Alert! This is by far considered one of the most talked-about exits in the show. After many lengthy and eventful seasons, it was lastly time for Michonne to depart. The final episode of The Walking Dead Season 10 marked the exit of Danai Gurira’s character.

Danai Gurira had introduced final 12 months that she can be quitting the show after the tenth season.

In the episode titled, ‘What We Became’ that aired on Sunday, Danai’s character Michonne arrives at the Bloodsworth Island together with Virgil performed by Kevin Carroll. Virgil claims the island to be a former naval base the place he can discover weapons that he can provide Michonne and Oceanside. Virgil continually delays displaying Michonne the place the weapons are hidden.

He asks for Michonne’s assist to clear a constructing of walkers that additionally comprises his spouse and youngsters. He then buries his household and means that they need to spend the evening to remain away from walkers.

Not with the ability to sleep soundly, Michonne decides to stroll round the facility. She steps inside a cell and Virgil locks her in. Michonne finds herself with three different individuals who have been imprisoned by Virgil.

Virgil additionally mixes some jimson weed in her meals, due to which Michonne drifts off to the previous. She sees what her life can be if she had not saved Andrea.

Talking about the flashbacks, Danai Gurira mentioned, “How do you get Michonne that vulnerable? The answer is you have to drug the heck out of her. I had never heard of [jimson weed] before. Then I looked it up and I read some stories from people who had taken it and I was like, ‘Holy goodness, what we show is very mild.'”

Michonne is ready to escape the cell and perceive that there aren’t any weapons. Virgil then takes her to an deserted ship the place she finds Rick’s previous cow boy boots and an previous iPhone with an image of Michonne and Judith.

They get the ship working and Michonne will get in contact with Judith and R.J on the walkie talkie telling them that Rick could possibly be alive.

The episode ends with Michonne alone on the highway. She meets two individuals who want her assist getting again to their group. Michonne presents them her friendship and so they go to the group.

Michonne leaves the show at an ambiguous notice. Even Gurira answered with a, “We’ll see”, when requested if her character will return to the show.

Go watch the episode if you have not already!

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