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Shahid Kapoor On Lengthy-distance Relationships | Shahid Kapoor May By no means Do Lengthy-distance Relationships

Shahid Kapoor Makes An Interesting Revelation

Shahid Kapoor Makes An Fascinating Revelation

In the course of the enjoyable interplay with followers, when Shahid was requested to provide recommendation on lengthy distance relationships, the actor mentioned, “I could never do long distance relationships. I mean, what’s the point? I have always felt like… if I am in love with someone, I would want to share as much time as I can with her but there are people who have done it.”

The Actor Says He Was Really Bad With Long-distance Relationships

The Actor Says He Was Actually Dangerous With Lengthy-distance Relationships

“I have friends who managed to get through it, they have gotten married and they are really happy, so there are difficult phases one needs to get through in long distance relationships, and I was really bad with it,” he additional added.

When Shahid Spoke About Heartbreak

When Shahid Spoke About Heartbreak

Earlier in an interview, Shahid had revealed, “I’ve had my very intense, self destructive, heartbreak, angsty moments, where I’ve not been in control.” Talking about how he linked with Kabir Singh, the actor added, “But that feeling of falling apart, of self destruction for not being able to deal with loss… Only from great love can come great anger. He is a phase in everyone’s life and that how I connected with the character.”

Kabir Singh Was Cathartic For Shahid

Kabir Singh Was Cathartic For Shahid

“When you watch the entire film you will understand his attitude. Yes, he is a crazy character. But it is much more than that. To me, Kabir Singh is a cathartic film. Cinema will not go far if we made only good films. Tommy Singh has done worse things than Kabir Singh, but he was liked. I would not say it’s a dark film but yes when it comes to depicting a story truthfully so we have to do so,” the actor was quoted as saying in yet one more interview.

Kiara Reveals The Most Beautiful Thing About The Love Story

Kiara Reveals The Most Stunning Factor About The Love Story

Kiara Advani who will probably be seen because the main woman within the movie, mentioned, “The most beautiful thing about the love story is that it is a campus love story and it starts in college. All of us have been in relationships, in love and had our first crush when we were in school or college. Our (Shahid and Kiara’s) dynamic is senior and junior, pretty much like we are in this industry. Kabir is senior in the college, so he is protective, sweet, caring, senior sort of a boyfriend. That is the equation we share in the film.”

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