Rose McGowan on Sunday referred to as Kobe Bryant a “hero” for apologizing to his intercourse accuser — however advised Snoop Dogg to “grow the f–k up” and cease attacking anybody who raises the late hoop star’s troubled previous.

“You want to know why Kobe Bryant is a hero? He apologized to a hurt young woman,” the #MeToo pioneer wrote on Twitter early Sunday, referring to Bryant’s mea culpa to a 19-year-old resort worker who accused him of rape in 2003.

While praising Bryant, 41, McGowan additionally despatched a message to Snoop Dogg to “stop terrorizing” CBS’ Gayle King following his wild assault on her for mentioning Bryant’s previous throughout an interview.

“Truth hurts. Death hurts. Grow the f–k up. Kobe stopped hurting women, so can you,” McGowan wrote.

The “Charmed” star additionally talked about Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez — who obtained demise threats and was suspended after linking to tales about Bryant’s case — as a type of unfairly attacked. Oprah Winfrey additionally claimed that Snoop’s viral interview clip led to King receiving demise threats.

McGowan — whose accusations in opposition to Harvey Weinstein helped type the #MeToo motion — previously mentioned the “complex” nature of grieving somebody with troubling accusations in opposition to them.

“Put an * next to a hero’s name if they have sexual assault in their past,” she wrote final week, saying the image, “says investigate further.”

“It’s okay to hold space for the dead & their victims simultaneously. It’s complex,” she wrote.

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