Lightning by no means strikes the identical place twice – except you’re Arthur Morgan with Thor powers, that’s. After tiny cowboys, nude ranchers and flying as an eagle, the newest in ridiculous Red Dead Redemption 2 PC modding is a software which lets you rain lightning bolts on unsuspecting residents.

Using the Alexander Blade scripthook, B4M5’s model of the NativeTrainer permits gamers to summon lightning bolts from a distance of 15 metres, bringing but extra carnage to the west. It’s obtainable on Nexus Mods, however requires a third-party obtain and a few file tinkering to get working.

There are two variations of the mod – the newest of which apparently permits you to direct the lightning extra precisely as a gun – however sadly this model did not work for me, so I caught with the unique. After downloading the scripthook and coach, then enabling “powerful weapons” within the coach menu (utilizing F5 then navigating by holding management), you can summon electrical energy with the F1 button – and watch the carnage unfold.


While the lightning would not look like a very efficient weapon (due to that accuracy downside), it does create some moderately spectacular explosions – though I felt actually responsible for zapping horses, which make up the majority of the sport’s automobiles. If you wish to keep away from animal cruelty and go straight for people, trains and trams make moderately flamable targets, though I was equally horrified to see tram passengers proceed to sit down within the car even because it was burning down. “This is fine.”

I additionally managed to considerably break issues through the use of the lightning to filter Valentine’s saloon bar, solely to unintentionally resurrect some victims when I entered a cutscene, which makes for severely awkward viewing. Watt a revolting sight.

So, what does it really feel prefer to be a sufferer of those powers? Although exceedingly uncommon, loss of life by lightning is an occasion recognized to happen in common story mode. Here’s Arthur on the receiving finish of a bolt:

Killed by a lightning strike from r/reddeadredemption

If you’re planning on utilizing the mod, be certain to again up your save recordsdata first, and keep away from taking part in Red Dead Online with the recordsdata put in – except you wish to get banned in a flash.


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