Twitter posts of his son Onur Taşcıoğlu, who stated that his father went overseas 4-5 months in the past, are as follows:

* Unfortunately, my expensive father, Prof Dr Cemil Taşcıoğlu’s Covid 19 test outcomes had been optimistic.

* He is beneath quarantine within the an infection service in Çapa.

* No fever, regular respiratory, not linked to any system.

* The scenario has been steady since yesterday.

* All of our lecturers take excellent care of him and have taken all precautions.

* Please don’t permit data air pollution presently.

* A lot of various data is circulating, solely every thing I say is true.

* On the opposite hand, my reply to the questions on whether or not my father got here from overseas or whether or not the virus received there or not: He went overseas for the final 4/5 months in the past.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), held a press convention on the headquarters in Geneva with the agenda of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Stating that the variety of instances has elevated 13 occasions outdoors of China, Ghebreyesus has introduced that they’ve made the choice to qualify the Corona virus as “Pandemic”, which is given to epidemics that unfold and unfold over a large space such because the continent and the entire world.

Ghebreyesus, expressing that the epidemic was monitored for 24 hours as a company, stated: “We are deeply concerned about both the spread and severity of the virus and the inadequate action against the virus. Therefore, we made the assessment that the Covid-19 is considered a pandemic. ”


The identify given to contagious ailments that threaten a lot of folks concurrently on this planet. Pandemics or pandemic ailments are the final names given to epidemics (epidemics) that unfold and unfold over a large space resembling a continent and even the complete floor of the world.


Corona viruses are a bunch of viruses which might be frequent amongst animals. In uncommon instances, scientists state that Corona viruses are “zoonotic.” According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention; The expression “zoonotic” signifies that viruses can cross from animal to human.


Corona virus signs are: runny nostril, cough, sore throat, presumably headache, fever which will final for a couple of days though not definitive. For these with a weakened immune system, the aged and really younger, the virus is prone to trigger severe respiratory ailments resembling pneumonia and bronchitis. It is understood that there are some Corona viruses that may be lethal and handed on to human, resembling MERS and Sars.


Corona viruses can unfold by means of human contact with animals. The switch of the virus from individual to individual is by contact of an individual with the secretion of an contaminated particular person. A Chinese virologist has printed a research suggesting that the supply of the virus might be bats.


There is not any particular therapy for corona viruses. Often the signs cross on their very own. Physicians prescribe symptomatic therapy to alleviate signs by prescribing ache drugs and antipyretics.

Doctors say that the room humidifier and sizzling bathe can be good for sore throat and cough. People who get sick must drink loads of fluids, relaxation and sleep as a lot as doable.

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