Before we even get to this weekend’s December Community Day extravaganza and Pokmon Go’s forthcoming vacation 2019 occasion, developer Niantic has been quietly including issues behind the scenes set for launch in 2020.

Files relating to Pokmon Go’s two huge upcoming modes – Battle League and the AR Buddy replace – recommend work on each is now nicely underway.

But the most important information is the leaked property which level to a two-year previous Pokmon Go meme lastly becoming a reality. Yes – Pokmon Go appears to be like like it should lastly launch Party Hat Wurmple.


What is a Party Hat Wurmple, I hear you ask. Well, it’s a Wurmple featured on Pokmon Go’s 2018 New Year loading display screen sporting a celebration hat.

It has been two years…

The exuberant little celebration insect discovered a particular place in Pokmon Go followers’ hearts. Fan artwork was made, and Party Hat Wurmple turned one thing of a meme amongst hardcore gamers on the Silph Road reddit – however few suspected it might ever be launched.

Still, each time yet one more Pikachu costume was added to the sport, a significantly devoted group of followers would ask the query – nicely, when are we getting Party Hat Wurmple?

(It’s additionally a burning query I put to Niantic boss John Hanke in particular person final yr.)

Now, extremely, these pictures present Party Hat Wurmple within the recreation’s recordsdata and all prepared to launch.

And not solely Wurmple, in actual fact. As you’ll be able to see from the picture above, a Party Hat Wobuffet and a Party Hat Raticate have additionally been discovered throughout the recreation’s recordsdata. Fans anticipate these three to seem in a forthcoming New Year 2020 occasion, after the sport’s forthcoming vacation occasion wraps up.

Will he worm his method into your coronary heart?

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