Elite: Dangerous, the epic spacefaring MMO, has fairly a while to go nonetheless earlier than its subsequent main replace. That hasn’t stopped the crew at Frontier Developments from dropping a wild new story beat. The group remains to be attempting to determine what all of it means, however you may watch the mystery play out in real-time on Twitch.

Just hours in the past streamer Malic_VR found a so-called “generation ship” named The Golconda. While the present in-fiction know-how in the yr 3305 permits gamers to journey sooner than the pace of gentle, when this craft left Earth over 1,000 years in the past it was transferring at a a lot slower pace. Now it’s passing via the Upaniklis system, just 172 gentle years from house.

And, in contrast to every of the 15 different technology ships found in Elite to this point, this one is full of dwell human beings.

Malic_VR arrived in the Upaniklis system on a hunch, gleaned from the newest in-fiction information report that talked about unknown indicators coming from the area. Once he interacted with the technology ship, he was greeted by a sequence of absolutely voiced audio logs. The captain of The Golconda, Jonathon Forester, is determined for assist. Meanwhile, different hardcore isolationists aboard the ship need nothing to do with the remainder of humanity in any respect.

Right now, Malic_VR and his Twitch group are teasing via all the info they’ll discover in and across the technology ship, which is emitting unusual sounds in addition to the contradictory audio logs. Upaniklis isn’t all that distant, so for those who personal the sport and have a ship succesful of even primary lightspeed journey you’re most likely solely a few dozen jumps away. Feel free to cease by for a tour, and possibly even assist contribute to the following chapter in Elite’s slow-moving science fiction storyline.

We’ve embedded Malic_VR’s Twitch stream beneath, the place he and his group are dwell and on the scene.

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