As a end result of the measures taken as a result of the outbreak of corona virus in Istanbul, the use of public transportation has declined significantly, and the debate about the extraordinary density on the Kağıthane-Gültepe- Kabataş line continues at 06:00 on Sunday, March 29.

When it was decided that there was an intentional try to put on down İBB and President Ekrem İmamoğlu, a legal grievance was made about the individuals taking pictures on the bus and sharing the photographs on social media.

Finally, İBB offered the digital information of Istanbulkart, which is a “digital identity” of its affiliate firm BELBİM, to these days. The information of BELBİM, which may monitor the passenger motion second by second, has produced exceptional outcomes.


According to the findings of BELBİM, 26 percent of the passengers who take the bus numbered B-1530 on the morning of Kağıthane – Gültepe – Kabataş don’t routinely use this line.

They have used the line 5 occasions or lower than 5 since the New Year. 18.6 percent acquired on this line for the first time on Sunday. Although there was a 56 percent lower in passengers at different hours on Sunday, March 29, a rise of 19.72 percent was detected this morning.


Other findings reached on the expedition of the bus numbered B-1530 between 06.00-07.00 on Sunday, March 29, 2020 is as follows:

“On this line, an average of 41 passengers were transported between 07.00-12.00 hours on Sunday, while 85 passengers were carried between 06.00-07.00 on the same day. It was seen that it rose to the 3rd place on March 29, while the hours between 06.00-07.00 were at least 16th and 17th hours in peak hours in previous weeks. ”

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