“We don’t forget, move on and have closure. Rather we incorporate our deceased loved ones into our lives in a new way. Keeping memories alive is an important part of the healing journey.”  
Harriet Schiff

 There’s been a reticent air about him. Yet additionally a marked resilience. To rise above the heartbreaks. To keep resolute in the face of enervating upheavals… Like shedding his mother, veteran actor Nutan, who was simply 54, to most cancers. Like remaining unaware that his father, ex-naval Lieutenant-Commander Rajnish Bahl, was being engulfed by flames simply a ground under his. Like having to cope with unkind scrutiny about his dad and mom’ allegedly troubled marriage and subsequent conjecture about his disturbed bond with his father. All this whilst he was battling the vacuum they left behind. The randomness, the ruthlessness of the occasions in his life have lent him a uncommon temperance. Just that typically his eyes flip misty as he recounts the sequence and dates of occasions that unfurled with precision. He reveals he finds recourse in the Bhagvad Gita, one thing his mother launched him to. It’s enabled him to take a look at life by way of a philosophic prism. His help system – spouse Aarti, daughters, actor Pranutan Bahl and Krishaa – stay rapt as he reminisces… “Listen to silence. It has so much to say,” wrote Rumi. Mohnish Bahl is all about that…

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