Last week, Luann de Lesseps introduced that she’s now “drinking responsibly” after finishing her probation, which banned her from boozing.

Perhaps the fact star was celebrating her newfound non-sobriety final Saturday when a Page Six spy noticed her and a pal leaving Lulu in Sag Harbor after what seemed to be a particularly accountable boozy meal. In truth, we’re advised the pair have been so completely accountable that they couldn’t get it collectively sufficient to order an Uber, and a stranger needed to give them a ride home.

But the “Real Housewives of New York City” star advised us, “I was having dinner with a friend. When we ordered an Uber to go home, it said it would be 18 minutes.” She added, “My neighbor was just finishing dinner too, and she was gracious enough to offer me a ride home. I love my neighbors!” She didn’t deny she’d been boozing — simply that she’d been too wasted to order an Uber.

The cabaret star completed her probation — stemming from her 2017 arrest for disorderly conduct — in August.

Last week, she advised People, “I’ve learned a great deal about myself, and I’m in a very good place and finally back in the driver’s seat.” She added, “I’m toasting to a happy new year ahead!”

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