You’ve in all probability performed a variation of our latest Overboard game, Werewords. It’s based mostly on the basic parlor game 20 Questions: One participant comes up with a phrase, and everybody else asks them yes-or-no questions to determine the phrase. As the identify implies, they solely have 20 questions to do it.

In the authentic game, everybody asking questions is working towards the identical aim, and the answerer should inform the reality. What Werewords proposes is that this: What in the event that they might lie? And what if everybody else might, for that matter?

In Werewords, gamers are given hidden roles, very similar to in Werewolf or Mafia (or any of these video games), that place them on one of two groups: the Villagers and the Werewolves. The secret is that nobody is aware of who is a Werewolf. One participant additionally will get to be the Mayor — i.e., the individual answering the questions. The Villager group is making an attempt to determine the phrase, whereas the Werewolf group is making an attempt to forestall that from occurring with out being detected.

That process is made simpler as a result of the Werewolf gamers know the Mayor’s magic phrase from the begin, which permits them to push the line of questioning away from the right reply. But the Villager group isn’t utterly in the darkish, both. A particular Villager, the Seer, additionally will get to peek at the Mayor’s phrase. This participant desires to assist their group guess the magic phrase, however similar to the Werewolves, they need to do it subtly.

Should the Villager group prevail and guess the magic phrase earlier than time runs out, the Werewolves get one final likelihood at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. They reveal their playing cards and shortly hazard a guess as to which Villager is the Seer. This is why the Seer have to be refined about how they assist their group. If the Werewolves sniff them out, they win the game!

Similarly, if the Villager group fails to guess the magic phrase, they get one final shot to win the game. This time, nobody reveals their characters; as a substitute, everybody spends one minute discussing whom they suppose are the werewolves amongst them. Then they take a fast vote. If the majority finds a Werewolf participant, the Villager group wins! But in the event that they select poorly, the Werewolf group wins the spherical!

We had a improbable time yelling questions and breaking our brains making an attempt to determine magic phrases with out wanting suspicious. Werewords video games are fast, so it’s straightforward to play spherical after spherical, and there’s lots of potential to combine issues up by throwing in further particular characters. If you loved our Let’s Play, take a look at the relaxation of Overboard, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for much more nice movies.

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