When you think about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) It is usually done within scientific areas but the truth is that its use is very widespread and is used daily when, for example, we look for a photo in the cloud, we reply to an email with the Smart Response In Gmail, an online translator is used or we follow YouTube video recommendations.

In these days of confinement and for pure entertainment, there are many apps that we can download on our devices –smartphones, tablets or computers – they use AI to help develop various skills. Since Google 5 interesting proposals arrive with which have fun and learn without leaving home.

AI. Duet It is a virtual piano with Artificial Intelligence. If during these days of isolation you want to take advantage of the time to get to know this instrument better, this application responds to the notes played on the piano with small musical arrangements and without the need for you to know how to play it.

Quick, Draw! is a simple game that challenges players to draw an object or idea and then uses Artificial Intelligence to guess what the drawings represent. AI learns from each drawing, increasing its ability to guess correctly in the future. The more you play with it, the more you learn.

This tool allows you to find emojis in the real world with Scavenger Hunt Emoji. It is based on image recognition and challenges the user to locate in their environment the emoji that the game indicates before time runs out. It can be played alone or in company and it is possible to share scores on social networks.

Runway Palette gathers up to 140,000 photos of looks catwalk show for nearly 4,000 fashion shows worldwide. If you are passionate about fashion, this tool allows you to explore at a glance the color palettes used by thousands of designers over four years. Plus, you can upload a photo of the wardrobe itself or different patterns and discover how designers used a similar color palette in other shows.

Teachable Machine will allow teaching the computer to recognize images, sounds, even positions, using a camera Web. Teachable Machine allows you to program your own machine learning model with a single click, requires no coding skills, and can be exported to sites Web, applications, physical machines and other platforms.

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