Within the final episode we noticed that Prithvi goes to Preeta’s home on the lookout for her however finally ends up preventing with Biji Srishti and Sammy. Karan tells Preeta nobody from his household or social circle is aware of he married her. He says he can go away her proper there and nobody would inform him something. Karan will get within the automobile and drives away as Preeta runs after him. Sarla tells Sammy she nonetheless prefers Prithvi as Preeta’s husband however solely is pleased that Preeta bought married to the person she beloved. Sammy guarantees that Karan will take excellent care of Preeta. Tonight’s episode begins with Preeta’s home the place Sarla and Janki are making calculations of bills. Bijee asks Shrishty to make tea for all of them. Whereas going in the direction of the kitchen, Shrishty notices Preeta on the door which shocks her. Shrishty opens the door fully and asks Preeta to return inside. Preeta appears to be completely devastated. Sarla will get very shattered. She makes Preeta sit down and ask her in regards to the problem.

Everybody retains asking Preeta in regards to the problem. Shrishty doubts that Prithvi might need executed one thing flawed. Sarla tries calling somebody. However, Mahira is in Karan’s room. She goes by Karan’s albums as she has fallen in love with him. Kritika sees her. She questions Mahira about it. However Mahira blushes and avoids speaking to her. In the meantime, Shrishty retains on asking Preeta in regards to the problem. Bijee doubts that Karan and Preeta might need fought with one another. However Sarla feels that after getting married, they won’t behave immaturely. Sarla turns into suspicious about one other large problem. She tries calling Karan as Preeta doesn’t inform her the problem. However, Karan could be very hurtful. Karan sees him in the midst of the highway whereas going again residence. For the time being, Preeta snatches cell from Sarla. She asks Sarla to not discuss to Karan. However Sarla needs to know the explanation from Karan as Preeta got here again residence inside 1 hour of getting married. Janki and Shrishty additionally get panic as Preeta doesn’t converse up. Shrishty once more begins blaming Prithvi however Preeta shouts out that Prithvi is harmless.

Preeta (Shraddha Arya) reveals that Karan deserted her in the midst of the highway which shatters everybody. She additionally tells that Karan hates her and every thing that he mentioned within the mandap had been faux. Sarla consoles Preeta. She assures Preeta that god will make Karan pay for his sins. Shrishty takes Preeta inside. Sarla cries loads. Bijee consoles her. Sarla determines to not spare Karan for his behaviour. She leaves from the home. However, Sameer asks Karan about Preeta however Karan doesn’t say something. On insisting, Karan bursts with anger on Sameer. He tells Sameer that Preeta is chargeable for his household points. Sameer asks him about Preeta once more. Karan reveals that he left Preeta in the midst of the highway as he needed Preeta to be out from his life. Sameer will get shattered. Sameer reminds Karan in regards to the emotions that Karan confessed within the mandap which had been pure and true. Sameer tries to make Karan perceive that Preeta is now Karan’s spouse and they need to not get aside for small cat fights.

Karan will get livid however Sameer denies listening to him as he is aware of that Karan shouldn’t be behaving rightly. Karan denies accepting Preeta his spouse. He reveals why he cheated on Preeta. Sameer will get very hurtful. He asks Karan whether or not he loves Preeta or not. Karan nonetheless denies accepting that.Karan blames Preeta for ruining his household. Sameer tries to make Karan perceive the problems when each the households might be concerned within the problem however Karan doesn’t care about it. Karan is pleased as he feels that he has taken revenge for his father. Sameer feels very helpless as he can’t persuade Karan about his mistake. Karan asks Sameer to drive the automobile and take him residence. In the meantime, Shrishty and Janki attempt to make Preeta settle down. Preeta asks Bijee about Sarla. Bijee informs her that Sarla has gone out someplace in anger. However, Sarla reaches Luthra home. Sherlyn will get irritated as Sarla rings the bell in anger. Each of them bask in a combat. Sarla tells Sherlyn that she needs to fulfill Karan.

However Sherlyn asks Sarla to depart from there else threatens to name the safety. However Sarla is so decided that she pushes Sherlyn away and enters the home. She begins calling Karan’s title loudly. Sherlyn will get tensed. She asks Sarla to not create a scene however Sarla determines to fulfill Karan at any price. Karina arrives there. She will get irked with Sarla’s chaos. She will get livid with Sarla for making a lot noise. Rakhee additionally intervenes however Karina asks her to not entertain Sarla. Sarla will get indignant. She reveals that Karan has cheated on them which shocks everybody. Karina will get upset with Sarla for calling Karan a cheater. Sherlyn doubts if Karan has not let Prithvi and Preeta get married like he does everytime. Will Rakhee settle for that Karan is at mistake? Keep hooked to search out out.



  • ByRadhika Inamdar