Within the final episode Karan places sindoor and magalsutra on Preeta to finish the marriage ceremony. Prithvi wakes up and tries to depart the room. Biji enters the room considering Karan is knocking. When she sees Prithvi she tries to cease him from leaving. Prithvi avoids her and goes out when Sarla asks the groom to lastly elevate the sehra. Prithvi says that Karan cheated Preeta by marrying her. He says that Karan desires to marry Preeta for revenge. Whereas Karan watches, Prithvi takes Preeta again to the mandap to begin the marriage once more.

Tonight’s episode begins with Prithvi bursting with anger on the priest as he doesn’t get within the mandap for the marriage rituals with Prithvi and Preeta. Preeta and Karan preserve gazing one another. Prithvi drags the priest to the mandap. He makes Preeta sit for the rituals. Karan will get very offended. He blows off the hearth within the hawan kund. Prithvi will get livid with Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar). He additionally goes to instigate Sarla in opposition to Karan. Sarla questions Karan for his behaviour. Karan tells her that he has received married to Preeta now however nonetheless Prithvi is attempting to get married to Preeta once more. Prithvi calls it a dishonest. Sarla once more asks Karan for the rationale of marrying Preeta with a dishonest. Sanjana and Sarla additionally battle for Prithvi and Preeta respectively. Karan reveals that he needed to marry Preeta.

Sarla once more counter questions Karan for not proposing Preeta for marriage earlier. She will get very hurtful and refuses to just accept the marriage. Within the Luthra home, Dadi retains on attempting to speak to Mahesh. She feels very responsible for not with the ability to do justice with Mahesh. She blames Preeta for all the pieces that occurred with them. Rakhee consoles her. Dadi will get so panic that she begins feeling ache in chest. Rakhee goes to name Rishabh. However, Karan will get emotional. He tells Sarla that he didn’t cheat anybody. He additionally admits that he realized that Preeta means lots for him and his household. Karan additionally tells that Prithvi was taking away Preeta from him which was not acceptable for him. Prithvi nonetheless retains on hammering on everybody that Preeta additionally didn’t know that it was Karan as her groom so their wedding ceremony can’t be acceptable. Karan will get offended on Prithvi. He says that all the pieces is honest in love and warfare. In the meantime, Rakhee knocks the door of Rishabh’s room. She informs Rishabh about Dadi feeling ache in chest.Rishabh calls the physician and so they all transfer in the direction of Rakhee’s room.

In the meanwhile Prithvi tells everybody that Karan is lieing as he hates Preeta. Karan nonetheless tells that he loves Preeta lots. However Sarla questions Karan whether or not he is aware of about Preeta’s want. He additionally shares that he at all times used to maintain occupied with her even after pretending that he hates her. Preeta additionally will get emotional as someplace she will get satisfied that Karan actually loves her. Karan confesses his love for Preeta in entrance of everybody. He bends down on his knees and asks for Preeta’s hand. Karan additionally guarantees by no means to depart her. Shrishty comes within the mandap. She declares that she has accepted Karan as her brother-in-law. She trusts Karan for preserving Preeta blissful without end. Whereas everyone seems to be blissful, Preeta appears to be like confused. Keep tuned for extra updates.


  • ByRadhika Inamdar