Elon Musk, CEO of US rocket and spacecraft producer SpaceX firm, shared his new thought to appreciate his dream of creating a colony on Mars. Providing particulars of his new thought at a assembly in SpaceX, Musk mentioned he needs to produce reusable rockets and spacecraft each three days. Musk beforehand predicted that a thousand Starship spacecraft and 20 years can be required for the colony on Mars.


  • The identify Starship is used collectively for the spacecraft itself and the reusable Super Heavy Rocket that carries it. According to stories by Ars Technica reporter Eric Berger, the corporate will broaden in its workers to produce these ships each three days. SpaceX had already recruited 225 extra workers to construct rockets in Launch Area in South Texas, and the variety of staff had exceeded 500.

‘Must be used once more’

According to Berger, Musk needed every ship to be reusable and in a position to carry 41 tons of weight. Attending the assembly with Musk, Berger wrote, “Musk wanted to know why the factory did not work at all hours and why things were not as fast as they wanted.” SpaceX CEO famous that not less than 1 million tons of uncooked supplies and tools will be required for a sustainable colony on Mars.


SpaceX’s cargo shuttle arrived on the International Space Station (UUI). Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir, astronauts of the American Aviation and Space Agency (NASA),

Carrying 2 tons of experiments and provides, he caught the Dragon shuttle with the robotic arm of the station. It is acknowledged that the cargo shuttle additionally carries the confectionery of many manufacturers, in addition to meals akin to grapefruit and tomatoes for the crew at UUI. It was acknowledged that Dragon would keep in the UU for a month earlier than returning to Earth with samples. This was SpaceX’s 20th profitable replenishment marketing campaign with Dragon on behalf of NASA.

Starship can land on the Moon two years later


  • Starship, whose top will attain 118 meters when constructed, will have the ability to carry 100 passengers and as much as 100 tons of cargo. The rocket is designed to be reusable, and every launch will value $ 5 million. It is claimed that the mentioned system will considerably scale back the price of house and passenger transportation. Starship is aimed to be delivered to the Moon in 2022.
We went into orbit in the space race


We went into orbit in the house race

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