What type of espresso maker do you favor? Keurig? Chemex? Drip maker? Aeropress? Nespresso? French press? Perhaps you favor a chilly brewer? As many varieties of espresso makers as there are, there are additionally methods to clear them. To get probably the most taste (and least quantity of previous espresso residue) in every cup of joe, comply with the cleansing strategies outlined within the video above.

But first, a be aware about espresso filters. We’ve beforehand coated how they’re helpful for cleansing throughout your property. Just make sure to all the time empty the used filter within the trash earlier than cleansing the espresso maker, as espresso grounds can clog a sink.

Drip maker

Calcium deposits construct up in drip espresso makers if not cleaned recurrently. Luckily, white vinegar is good for clearing them out.

Fill the water chamber with equal components water and white vinegar. Brew half a pot, then cease the brewing and let the maker calm down for an hour. This permits the vinegar to get to work on any remnants contained in the machine. After an hour, brew the remainder of the pot, discard the vinegar answer, and brew one other full pot with clear water.

For cleansing the pot itself, you’ll be able to put it within the dishwasher, or use a magic eraser.


Also identified by the model title, Chemex, these glass canisters stain simply. Just fill with heat water and dissolve two effervescent tablets (like Alka-Seltzer) inside. Then rinse and dry.

Cold brewer

Because they want to sit for a number of hours to extract espresso taste, these tall pitchers (whether or not plastic or glass) can flip brown simply. For a glass chilly brewer, repeat the identical technique as for the pour-over. For plastic, pour in ice, dish cleaning soap, and rock salt and shake to take away stains. Alternatively, you possibly can use soapy water and rice for a similar impact.

Pod brewer

Whether you’ve gotten a Keurig or Nespresso, the method is similar. Remove the pod and fill the water chamber with white vinegar. Keep brewing cups till the chamber is empty. Then fill the chamber with clear water and brew one other cup.

French Press

This one couldn’t be simpler. Fill midway with soapy water and plunge up and down. Then simply rinse and dry.

Moka Pot

Don’t use cleaning soap or scrub too arduous. You need the espresso’s oils to season the within of the pot. After every use, permit the pot to cool and empty the espresso grounds. Take aside the items and run them beneath heat water, then dry with a microfiber fabric.

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