Bloodshot, and a few of his blood.
Illustration: Dave Johnson/Valiant Entertainment

Blood. Shot. You know, these two phrases collectively conjure up a picture. So, when scrolling down, you possibly can most likely think about what you’re going to see.

And what you’re going to see is Vin Diesel getting shot within the face. But it’s superb! It’s superb! We’re all superb, right here. This is Bloodshot, in spite of everything, the upcoming adaptation of the comedian, which includes a soldier named Raymond Garrison who has fancy nanites in his blood. They can heal his accidents and even assist him shapeshift!

So it’s cool. When producer Dinesh Shamdasani launched this clip, a brief gif teasing the later launch of the movie’s first trailer, he knew it could be alarming. But it’s completely, completely cool. He can heal himself. Garrison is ok, and his actor Vin Diesel is doing nice, and director Dave Wilson, who did VFX supervision for Age of Ultron, can also be most likely doing spectacular.

Everything’s doing great, right here, and it is going to be even higher when Bloodshot hits theaters, presumably with a ugly slap, on February 21, 2020. 

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