Within the final episode we noticed that the police asks Guddan if Akshat shot her. Guddan says Akshat is her husband and he loves her and he would by no means attempt to hurt her. Later, Guddan asks Akshat to thank her for saving him from the police. Akshat says he nonetheless hates Guddan however later that night time he stops a masked man from attempting to kill her in her sleep. Guddan sees Akshat going out in a automotive in the midst of the night time and follows him. She catches Akshat hugging Antara. Akshat says that he’s with Antara and he threatens to kill Guddan if she tries to hurt Antara. Tonight’s episode begins with Guddan getting into within the room. She sees Akshat sitting on the ground together with his hand bleeding. Akshat asks her to depart her alone however Guddan scolds him. She heals his damage with some drugs. Guddan feels the ache that Akshat could be having together with his hand. However Akshat leaves from there pretending that he’s irked together with her.

However Guddan (Kanika Mann) is assured that Akshat is behaving impolite together with her due to some drive that’s driving him. Guddan decides to search out out the reality. She calls the inspector and tells him Antara’s location. She reaches the situation with the police. She sees some one inside. So the inspector goes to arrest the individual assuming it as Antara. However the electrical energy is switched on. Guddan will get shocked to see that it’s Dadi who has come there with Akshat. In the meantime, Parv tells Antara that he has saved her from the police as he learns about Guddan’s plan. At the moment, Dadi wonders to see Guddan with police on the new home Akshat has purchased for funding goal. The inspector feels that somebody could be lieing however it may be both Guddan or Akshat. Guddan apologizes to the inspector pretending that it have to be her misunderstanding. Guddan wonders as Akshat has made her a lier in entrance of the police. However Akshat desires Antara to be away from Guddan which is sweet for her. Alternatively, Antara and Parv have a good time as Akshat is completely beneath their management as they intend to wreck Guddan’s life.

Antara additionally reminds Parv that he’s capable of keep in Jindal home and having fun with is due to her. Parv additionally agrees as each of them simply need to make Guddan devastated. Within the night time, once more the masks man arrives outdoors Guddan’s room when she is sleeping with Akshat. However by mistake bumps right into a plant pot saved there. Guddan will get to listen to the sound. She wakes up and finds somebody suspiciously pepping inside. She seems at Akshat who’s sleeping and goes out to search out out. Whereas Guddan is stepping down from the staircase, the masks man hides beside. Guddan will get suspicious about somebody being round her. However by the point the masks man assaults on her, Guddan slips from the steps. Each of them fall down. Guddan will get shocked to see the individual with the masks. The masks man escapes from there. Guddan follows him. Within the parking, Guddan succeeds in making the masks individual cease. She will get shocked to see that it’s Antara. Antara pretends that she had come to see Akshat as soon as. Guddan will get very livid. She tells Antara to steer clear of Akshat. Antara is assured that Akshat will do something to avoid wasting her. Guddan will get too offended however Antara escapes from there by spraying one thing on Guddan.

After some time, Antara instructs somebody who’s having similar rise up as Antara. She reveals that she saved that individual by taking his place. It appears that evidently the opposite individual desires to hurt Guddan who can be teamed up with Antara for a similar. Antara is pleased as she feels that Guddan won’t be able to establish her actual enemies and faux enemies. Subsequent day morning, everybody does the veneration for Navratri. Dadi asks Guddan and Akshat to carry out the ritual of Maha Aarti collectively. Guddan sees Revati and Parv there collectively which makes her upset. Alternatively, Antara worships a satan to make Guddan’s life like hell. Within the Jindal home, Guddan and Akshat carry out Aarti to Goddess Durga. Guddan prays to Durga Maa to assist her take away all of the evil and saddening points from their home. Guddan determines to search out out and train a lesson to the villain of her life throughout the 9 days of Navratri. Antara alternatively seeks blessings from Mahishasur in order that she will wreck Guddan’s life.

After some time, Dadi asks Guddan to get the plate of bessil leaves from her room. Whereas heading in direction of Dadi’s room, Guddan finds an earring. She recollects that the one that attacked on her might need misplaced it there. However she additionally remembers that Antara didn’t have put on such earrings. So Guddan turns into suspicious that there’s another person who’s behind every thing. She additionally observes the earrings that Durga and Lakshmi are sporting. Akshat finds that Guddan is behind one thing. Guddan additionally will get a inexperienced sign by Goddess Durga about her considering. So Guddan determines to complete the grasp plan by the mysterious individual. Who would be the masks man? Keep hooked to search out out.


  • ByRadhika Inamdar