This youthful expression is a must-know if you wish to perceive French youngsters.

Why do I have to know style?

Young individuals use all of it the time so if you wish to hang around with the hip crowd, or simply perceive what your personal youngsters are on about, this one is for you.

What does it imply?

There are two sorts of style: the time period which means “gender” in English and the slang model, which is barely extra difficult. When used as slang, style can most frequently be translated into “like” in English.

When used this fashion, style – like “like” – is neither including any worth to the sentence or obligatory for the sentence to make sense. But it makes you sound younger and hip:

Genre, je n’avais pas de choix – Like, I did not have any alternative.

Il n’avait style aucun respect pour moi – He had, like, no respect for me.

Any different choices?

Another approach of utilizing style is thru the expression faire style, or fake to do one thing.

J’ai fais style de ne pas comprendre – I pretended to not perceive.

Elle a fait style de m’écouter – She pretended to hearken to me.

It may also be used as a approach of expressing rejection of an concept or an announcement. 

Oh, style! – Oh, as if!


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