Chad Johnson is sharing his facet of the story.

The former “Bachelorette” star, 32, took to Instagram on Wednesday to deal with his current arrest for alleged domestic violence and robbery.

Johnson shared a video and provided his facet of the story pertaining to an alleged altercation with Annalise Mishler.


“Hey everyone, this is Chad Johnson and I want to take a second to talk to you about the current situation you’ve probably seen going on in the press with me arrested for robbery,” he stated.

“Me and my girlfriend [Mishler] broke up the other night and I was devastated. It was like losing my best friend,” Johnson stated. “So I did what I haven’t done in two months and something that I promised I wouldn’t do anymore and that was to drink alcohol.”

Johnson stated he stopped ingesting as a result of it had been an “issue” in his life, saying he would not “act right” when he consumes alcohol.

“So, I screwed up and I drank and I went over to talk to her,” Johnson stated, explaining that he and Mishler at present dwell in the identical house complicated, however totally different flats. “I went over there and tried to talk things out and initially, we had worked things out and we were back together and everything was fine until she discovered that I had, in between us breaking up and me drinking, downloaded a dating app and I had started to receive messages on there.”

After extra arguing, Johnson stated he went dwelling earlier than visiting Mishler the following day, once more to “talk things out.”

“I tried to talk things out and we still had the issues with the dating app and then she came over to my place and she kept recording me,” stated Johnson. “I was very down at the time, I was very upset and I just didn’t want to be recorded, so I made a stupid decision and I grabbed her phone and I just threw it outside.”


Johnson then defined that when he visited Mishler to apologize, one in all their neighbors known as the police.

He continued, stating that in California, an arrest should be made for any domestic disturbance.

“I was taken to jail for that and while she was talking to [the police], she told them about how I had thrown her phone, so that was the robbery issue,” Johnson stated. “Now, there was never any domestic abuse of any kind. I have never laid hands on a woman any time in my entire life.”

Johnson cited being “overprotective” towards his sister and his success within the Marine Corps as proof that he has not and wouldn’t inflict abuse on a lady.

“I can totally understand why Annalise felt threatened whenever I took her phone, but I am a hundred percent confident any type of domestic abuse charges are going to be dropped,” Johnson stated. “There was never any type of domestic abuse at all, whatsoever.”

Johnson apologized “for the entire situation” and provided an apology to anybody that was “trigged” by the information. He additionally apologized to Mishler.

“I’m working on myself to get better,” stated Johnson. “That’s all I can do, is put my best foot forward and try to be a better person every day from here on out and make less mistakes in life.”


Johnson was arrested early Monday morning after Mishler reported that he punched a gap in her wall along with being bodily together with her, in keeping with TMZ.

The outlet reported that officers discovered “visible red marks on [Mishler’s] face” once they arrived.

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