Some 120 opponents are actually stirring the pot this week in Tartegnin, in the Canton of Vaud, attempting to create the world’s greatest fondue recipe.

And whereas the contestants come from a number of nations, the battle of the cheeses is primarily between the Swiss — who invented the fondue in the 1930s — and the French, who additionally like to declare supremacy over this hearty wintertime dish.

Creating the good fondue recipe is no easy matter, it appears, as many essential selections have to be made. Among them — what cheese and what wine must be used?

“This is a serious matter, we are not here to kid around”, stated Jérôme Lefevre, one in all the jurors in control of designating the 2019 world fondue champion.

 Lefevre is Swiss, however when it comes to fondues, he is not impartial.

“The fondue is Swiss. The French don’t know how to make it. Cheeses must come from the Gruyère region and have no holes. In France, they use cheese with holes”, he advised FranceInfo.

But other than the obligation to use actual Gruyère cheese, opponents are free to innovate. Each contestant has his or her personal approach and components. “The secret of good fondue is to take the time,” one participant stated. “Our secret is the wooden spatula, always the same one to turn the fondue, and always in the same direction”.

Another competitor famous that “the secret of good fondue is first and foremost a good cheese, and then, it’s training, training, training. We are confident we have a good mix with some secret ingredients, such as smoked whiskey”.

Stéphane Jayet, the chairman of the organizing committee, stated that although the competitors is all about the fondue, it is removed from tacky.



“We must be credible in everything we do, from the choice of jury members to the reception of visitors”, he stated.

Some 10,000 individuals are anticipated to attend this occasion, which takes place over three days.

And now for the actual query: what is the distinction between Swiss and French fondue?

First, the similarities: each are ready in a particular pot referred to as “caquelon” and stirred whereas cooked. Often, white wine and typically a little bit of Kirsch are added. When prepared, it is eaten by dipping items of white bread into the cheese with long-stemmed forks.

The fundamental distinction lies in the form of cheeses used. In Switzerland, the fundamental components are Gruyère and vacherin from Fribourg, in equal components (it is referred to as, fittingly, ‘moitié – moitié’).

In France, it is typically comprised of French cheeses like Comté, Beaufort and Emmental – which is the recipe for the traditional Fondue Savoyarde, from the Alpine area of Savoie. 

However, in each nations cheeses and recipes might differ in accordance to the area.



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