Filmmaker Michael Moore says it was ‘crushing’ to see Trudeau blackface photos

VANCOUVER — Michael Moore has been a fan of Canada ever since he mailed a VHS copy of his first documentary, “Roger & Me,” in a plain brown paper bag to the Vancouver International Film Festival and it went on to win a high prize.

So the filmmaker, who has lengthy seen America’s northern neighbour as a extra first rate, humanitarian model of his house nation, says it was “crushing” to see pictures of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made up in blackface.

“We’re living with (President Donald) Trump and we look to the north with such envy. You don’t have to live with Trump. You have a man who greets refugees at the airport. You have someone who speaks with kindness and compassion. We don’t have any of that,” stated Moore.

“So Trudeau, despite whatever flaws or problems there are with him, you only have to look south to see just how bad it could be.”

Moore was in Vancouver to attend a particular occasion on the metropolis’s movie pageant honouring the 30-year anniversary of “Roger & Me” on Saturday. In an interview Friday, Moore mirrored on how the themes of the movie nonetheless resonate in 2019 and provided his ideas on the newest bombshells in American and Canadian politics.

Trudeau has apologized for sporting skin-darkening make-up within the 1990s and early 2000s, together with on one occasion the place he was dressed like Aladdin. Trudeau has stated though he did not suppose it was racist on the time, he now sees that it was.

Moore stated his first thought when he noticed the Trudeau photos was: “What is wrong with white people?”

“Whether it’s stealing black peoples’ music, whether it’s taking the best comedy — African-American comedians — you go down the whole list of things that are appropriated from people of colour and this is a long and sad tradition,” he stated.

Moore famous he did not like anybody interfering in American elections and he did not need to intervene in Canada’s. But he stated he felt unhappy about Canadians’ decisions, although the nation does have the “NDP, which is rockin’ on as far as I’m concerned.”

“You have an election in a couple of weeks and you basically have a choice between Aladdin and an American. I think on balance, advantage Aladdin. Right?” he quipped, referencing the latest revelation that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is a twin U.S.-Canadian citizen.

Scheer has stated he is within the means of renouncing his American citizenship however Moore joked that the transfer wasn’t mandatory.

“I think the best thing I can do while I’m here in Canada is escort Mr. Scheer back to his country and try to tell him to quit saying that word ‘renounce.’ … Don’t let Americans hear they’re being renounced. We can’t take it anymore. We’re going through enough already.”

The Vancouver International Film Festival was set to display “Roger & Me” and host an on-stage dialogue with Moore. The movie chronicles Moore’s dogged efforts to interview General Motors CEO Roger Smith concerning the harm carried out in Flint, Mich., due to the corporate’s mass manufacturing facility closures.

Flint is Moore’s hometown and he acknowledged sadly that the scenario has gotten worse previously three many years. The variety of GM employees within the metropolis has dwindled and town’s cost-cutting measures led to tainted ingesting water, he famous.

“If you lived in Flint now, you’d look at ‘Roger & Me’ and go, ‘That’s the Flint I’d like to live in.’ Isn’t that sad?”

Michigan was among the many states Trump visited throughout the 2016 marketing campaign with guarantees to restore manufacturing jobs. Despite his vows, the Rust Belt continues to be shedding jobs, with GM saying plans final November to shut 5 vegetation within the U.S. and Canada.

Moore stated Trump “played” the working class within the Midwest.

“Trump did go into Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and time and again stated, ‘I’m going to tax the wealthy. Those hedge fund guys, they are not paying their justifiable share. I’m going to carry these jobs again.’

“If anybody would say that to people who have suffered in the Midwest, that’s going to sound good.”

Moore additionally wisecracked concerning the impeachment inquiry launched by the Democrats within the House of Representatives, mentioning Trump has brazenly informed the media that he requested Ukraine to examine Joe Biden and his son.

“Who wants an inquiry? What’s there to inquire? He did it. He admitted he did it. He has to be impeached.

“I tweeted last night that I just went downstairs to throw another load in the laundry and I came back up and he was still president. What’s going on here?”

This report by The Canadian Press was first revealed Oct. 5, 2019.

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