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FaZe Clan Member Banned From Fortnite For Using Aimbot 1

A well-liked Fortnite professional who joined the aggressive esports workforce FaZe Clan earlier this yr has been issued a lifetime ban from the battle royale shooter for utilizing an aimbot.

Jarvis Khattri has been “permanently banned on Fortnite for life” for utilizing an aimbot within the sport’s Solos and Playground modes. While Khattri notes in an apology video that “this is the first time” he is ever carried out something like this and has “never done this in a competitive game mode at all,” developer Epic Games makes its guidelines explicitly clear its End User License Agreement.

One of the EULA’s clauses states that “running or using methods which are not authorized by Epic and which interfere with the outcome and/or the course of the Software (including Cheats, bots, scripts, or mods not expressly authorized by Epic)” is strictly prohibited.

In an announcement to the press, Epic Games exercised the widespread “cheaters never prosper” mantra. “We have a zero-tolerance policy for the usage of cheat software. When people use aimbots or other cheat technologies to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin games for people who are playing fairly.”

“I was completely oblivious to what could happen to me, what the consequences were. Obviously, this was a huge mistake and is completely wrong on my end,” Khattri stated. “Genuinely, I don’t even know what I was thinking. Cheating in anything is just terrible, you should never do it. It’s not acceptable. It’s zero-tolerance. It’s just such a dumb thing to do. I should’ve paid more attention to the community rules and the TOS of Fortnite. I just wanna urge you guys to review all of those Terms of Service and stuff so that nothing like this could ever happen to you because it’s actually so shit.”

Khattri might be seen utilizing the aimbot in a mirrored YouTube video, the place he confirms that he is working on a backup PC. “I had to go on a new PC,” Khattri stated. “I don’t wanna get my main PC banned. Sounds weird [that] I have a spare PC, but it’s just a spare PC that’s been in the house.”

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