The Bochum police are investigating their Essen colleagues. It’s about the cost of assault and racial insults. For causes of neutrality, the case was in Bochum, the police mentioned.

It is about an incident in a police station in Essen: a 50-year-previous accuses the officers of bodily assaulting her on the guard. Relatives had additionally been so badly handled that some of them had to be hospitalized. Racist insults had been dropped, the woman initially comes from Nigeria. The police reject the racism allegations – the violence was vital.

When it comes to the presentation of occasions, either side solely agree at the starting. Then the narratives diverge. What is for certain is that the 50-year-previous wished to report the theft of her pockets. In addition, she got here to the police inspection heart in Essen final Wednesday, the police confirmed in a message.

Images are meant to present accidents

The police didn’t take her significantly, the son of the reporter reported in a put up on Instagram. “The police beat my 50-year-old defenseless mother and sister,” the 25-year-previous writes there.

He himself wished to rush to assist his mom and was additionally attacked. The man bled and generally handed out, reports the “Neue Westfälische Zeitung”. His accidents ought to have been handled in the hospital.

Images printed by a journalist on Twitter are mentioned to present these accidents. It reveals the swollen face of a person.

The officers additionally insulted him racially, the man continued. “If you don’t like it, go out of our country and be glad that we are not in the USA, as it would make you worse,” they mentioned to him. Those affected didn’t reply to a request from SPIEGEL.

The police put the course of off in a press release otherwise. According to this, two younger girls who accompanied the Nigerian appeared “verbally aggressive” from the starting. The two girls complained “about the way the police worked”, insulted an official, and “acts of resistance” occurred. All three girls had been expelled from the constructing.

“Aggressive tone”

Later two male relations of the reporter got here to the guard and requested for extra details about the incident in an “aggressive tone”. They too had been despatched off, however had not complied. Instead, they shouted loudly and “punched the police station’s glass panes”.

The males have resisted the officers, the police vaguely converse of an “act of resistance”. When requested, the police didn’t need to say how and what the males resisted. In response, the officers used their batons.

One of the males was hospitalized, the police confirmed. “The police headquarters in Essen rejects any allegations of racist violence,” the letter mentioned.

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