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England vs Bangladesh stay rating over Match 12 ODI 1 5 updates

4.6 overs (Three Runs) Lovely shot this. Floated on off, Roy comes down and nonchalantly drives it by way of covers. The fielder will get there because the ball doesn’t have the legs to succeed in the fence. The batmen get three.

4.5 overs (1 Run) Sensible batting this. Shakib goes throughout after bowling so Bairstow simply pushes this tossed up ball broad of him and will get a single.

4.Four overs (1 Run) Brief once more Roy punches it in direction of level and will get a run.

4.Three overs (1 Run) This time punches it broad of canopy and will get a run.

4.2 overs (Zero Run) Bairstow just isn’t trying very comfy enjoying Shakib right here.

4.1 overs (Zero Run) Fired in on off, Bairstow pushes it again to the bowler.

3.6 overs (Zero Run) Mortaza darts it on the pads. Roy seems to be to flick it however will get hit on the thigh pad.

3.5 overs (Zero Run) Good size ball on off, Roy defends it off the entrance foot.

3.Four overs (1 Run) Bairstow is off the mark. It has taken him 9 deliveries however he has received off the mark with a strong shot although and this can give him confidence. Shorter on off, Bairstow pulls it laborious however there’s a man at deep sq. leg and so they get one. ENG vs BAN: Match 12: Jonny Bairstow hits Mashrafe Mortaza for a 4! England 12/0 (3.4 Ov). CRR: 3.27

3.Three overs (Zero Run) Good size supply on off, Bairstow seems to be to defend however will get a vanguard. It goes in direction of covers.

3.2 overs (1 Run) Size supply on center, Roy pushes it in direction of mid on for a single.

3.1 overs (Zero Run) On a very good size and outdoors off, Roy comes ahead and lets it go.

2.6 overs (Zero Run) Dot to complete the over. Tossed up on the stumps, Bairstow blocks as soon as once more. Nervy begin for Bairstow, he’s but to get off the mark.

2.5 overs (Zero Run) Floated on the stumps, Bairstow defends it calmly.

2.Four overs (1 Run) Shorter on off, Roy stands tall and punches it broad of canopy for a single.

2.Three overs (Zero Run) Flighted on off, Roy pushes it to cowl.

2.2 overs (Zero Run) Floated on off, Roy faucets it to the fielder at mid off.

2.1 overs (Zero Run) Oh! Bangladesh virtually had the primary. Floated on off, Roy seems to be to smack it over cover-point however will get an inside edge. Fortunately for him he doesn’t chop it on and it goes in direction of backward sq. leg.

1.6 overs (Zero Run) Good size ball on off, Bairstow seems to be to defend however will get an inside edge onto his pads.

1.5 overs (1 Run) Now neatly follows it up with a single. Mortaza pulls his size again and bowls it on the physique, Roy simply turns it away to wonderful leg and will get a run.

1.Four overs (Four Runs) FOUR! First one of many day and what a wonderful shot that is. Mortaza bowls it full for the primary time at present, it’s on center. Roy will get on the entrance foot and performs a ravishing on drive broad of mid on for a boundary. ENG vs BAN: Match 12: Jason Roy hits Mashrafe Mortaza for a 4! England 5/0 (1.4 Ov). CRR: 3

1.Three overs (Zero Run) As soon as once more the size is identical. It’s on center and off, Roy faucets it in direction of mid on.

1.2 overs (Zero Run) Good size ball on off stump this time. No swing on this one, Roy defends it with a straight bat.

1.1 overs (Zero Run) Slight swing on supply first up for the Bangladesh skipper. He bowls it outdoors off, the ball shapes away from Roy who leaves it alone.

0.6 over (Zero Run) Tight and tidy begin from Shakib. Simply 1 run off the primary over. Floated on off, Bairstow defends it to see off the over.

0.5 over (Zero Run) Flatter on the stumps, Jonny is having a watchful begin right here as he defends this one as nicely.

0.Four over (Zero Run) Flighted round center and leg, Jonny calmly defends it off the entrance foot.

0.Three over (Zero Run) Floated on off, Bairstow blocks it.

0.2 over (1 Run) First run of the match. Shakib bowls it quick round leg, Roy strokes it to lengthy on and will get England’s scoreboard underway.

0.1 over (Zero Run) Shakib begins with a flighted supply on off, Roy defends it off the entrance foot to begin the innings.

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