For years, Sport of Thrones has been constructing towards the ultimate confrontation with the Night time King, however most followers had been anticipating that Jon Snow (Package Harington) can be the one to ship the deadly blow. That is why it was such a welcome shock when Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) got here flying in out of nowhere to stab her Valyrian metal dagger straight into his chest.

Sport of Thrones has at all times been good at upending expectations and leaving us guessing, nevertheless it’s additionally well-known for hiding clues about main reveals lengthy earlier than the twists are confirmed. David Benioff stated that he and D.B. Weiss have identified for about three years that Arya can be the one to kill the Night time King in the long run, in order that they’ve had loads of time to drop hints alongside the way in which. Here is an entire record of each time Sport of Thrones hinted that Arya can be the one to kill the Night time King.

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“How did you sneak up on me?” Within the Season eight premiere, Jon is standing in entrance of the Weirwood tree (in the identical actual spot the Night time King would later die), when he all of the sudden turns round to seek out Arya standing silently behind him. He asks her how she snuck up on him, unwittingly calling out the identical tactic she would use to sneak up on the Night time King to kill him.

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“Brown eyes, blue eyes, and inexperienced eyes.” When Melisandre (Carice van Houten) first met Arya in Season 3, she prophesied that there was a darkness within the younger lady which she would use to close “brown eyes, blue eyes, and inexperienced eyes” perpetually. She left Arya after that with the promise that they’d meet once more, which they did on the Battle of Winterfell. That is when Melisandre reminded Arya of that prophesy, prompting her to comprehend that the “blue eyes” a part of it meant she was fated to kill the Night time King. That is why Arya left the citadel to seek out her foe on the Weirwood tree.

The Lord of Gentle giving a imaginative and prescient to the Hound (Rory McCann). Over the course of the collection, the Hound commonly mocked faith and those that believed within the will of the gods. Then, the Lord of Gentle gave him a imaginative and prescient within the flames, which led him to decide to the trigger in opposition to the Night time King and the lifeless. That imaginative and prescient at all times appeared extremely odd, since sometimes solely servants of the Lord of Gentle obtained them, not random sellswords. Now we all know that imaginative and prescient is what ended up ensuring the Hound was at Winterfell to assist save Arya’s life through the battle, guaranteeing she’d be capable to kill the Night time King.

Beric Dondarrion’s (Richard Dormer) many lives. Equally, the Lord of Gentle introduced Beric Dondarrion again to life six occasions, and he at all times believed it was for a objective. That objective occurred to be saving Arya from wights and getting her to security. As soon as he did that, Beric died his seventh and last demise.

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The catspaw dagger. Whereas the Valyrian metal dagger does not have an official title like most Sport of Thrones weapons, it is generally known as the catspaw dagger for the reason that murderer first employed to kill Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) with it was referred to as the catspaw murderer. Catspaw is a time period sometimes that means “one used to serve the aim of one other” or “instrument.” Catspaw will also be meant to convey “the dupe of one other.” The title of the dagger itself has at all times been foretelling this final minute twist, and that Arya can be the instrument utilized in Jon’s epic battle with the Night time King.

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Bran giving Arya the dagger. The dagger’s title is not the one clue related to it. Proper after Bran revealed to Arya that he has supernatural imaginative and prescient and “sees quite a bit now,” he handed the catspaw dagger to her, telling his sister that it was wasted on a cripple. Most followers took that scene at face worth, however understanding what we all know now, it appears absurd that Bran would give her the dagger for every other motive than he foresaw how she would use it.

Arya coaching with Brienne (Gwendoline Christie). Maybe one of the best foreshadowing of Arya’s main kill got here when she sparred with Brienne of Tarth in Season 7. In coaching sequence, Arya misplaced Needle and should combat together with her model new dagger. The younger fighter cleverly tossed the dagger from one hand to the opposite, permitting her to shock Brienne when she put the blade to her throat. The Night time King made the identical mistake, grabbing the hand Arya held the dagger in, leaving her different hand free to catch it and stab him.

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Jaqen H’ghar’s (Tom Wlaschiha) last smile. When Arya determined to depart Braavos and the Home of Black and White, she instructed Jaqen H’ghar, “A lady is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going dwelling.” As a substitute of being outraged that she was abandoning him and the God of Demise, Jaqen H’ghar smiled as she left. There have been many theories that Jaqen was, in reality, the God of Demise (or a minimum of that he had the ability of foresight, seeing as he was virtually omniscient), so his smile at her departure may very well be proof that he at all times knew what her destiny can be, and he was merely there to coach her to be prepared for it.

The Night time King’s origin story. This one does not precisely foretell Arya’s half within the situation, however the present did foreshadow the place and the way the Night time King would die. Earlier than he led the military of the lifeless, the Night time King was a mortal man who was remodeled after the Youngsters of the Forest tied him to a Weirwood tree and stabbed him with dragonglass throughout a ritual that gave him his powers. That is why it is no shock that his demise occurred standing earlier than a Weirwood tree along with his chest pierced by dragonglass.

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