Doom Eternal’s fourth mission has you mounting an assault on the Doom Hunter’s base. Below you will discover a walkthrough detailing how you can get by way of its lethal demonic threats. For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s different chapters, try our information hub amassing what we have now up thus far. We’ll be publishing extra in subsequent days. But if you happen to’re in search of extra primary Doom Eternal suggestions, make sure to learn our information detailing every thing it’s best to know earlier than taking part in. Otherwise, you may learn our Doom Eternal assessment in progress.

Mission 4 Walkthrough — Doom Hunter Base

This mission begins on a practice, so kill the entire Soldiers and Imps here–using the Rocket Launcher to make quick work of the Mancubus–and then comply with the waypoint to detach a carriage and pull into the station.

Climb up the left hand facet to succeed in the platform and defeat the enemies ready for you. From right here, comply with the waypoint to leap and wall climb your solution to the opposite facet. Head by way of the door and you will encounter a Pinky for the primary time.

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Pinky Demons do not use weapons, as an alternative they merely cost at you to deal harm. Wait till it begins to run in the direction of you after which both double leap or Dash out of the way in which to get a clear shot on the weak level on its tail. Alternatively, you too can use the Ice Bomb to freeze it in place. A few blasts from the Super Shotgun can be sufficient to place it down.

More enemies will crowd into the room, together with one other Pinky, Hell Knight, Revenant, Mancubus, and Arachnotron, so use the leap pads and canopy all through this space to keep away from taking an excessive amount of harm.

Once the room is evident, head by way of the door after which stroll into the inexperienced teleporter. Make your approach by way of the power till you come throughout floating climbable partitions on a timer. Latch onto the primary one and shortly leap to the proper to succeed in the second. Head to stable floor and make your approach up, killing a few Cacodemons on the way in which. Once you are again inside, one other Pinky seems, so use the identical technique as earlier than to defeat it.

Continue shifting and you will find one other couple of floating partitions. Jump to the proper from the primary one once more, then leap to the decrease platform. From right here, you may climb your approach up right into a hall full of Zombies and the brand new Carcass enemy sort. The Carcass will generate Energy Shields and hearth round projectiles, so use the Plasma Rifle to chop by way of its shields.

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There’s a shifting platform at one finish of the hall, so watch for it to decrease after which leap on. From right here, you can also make your approach in the direction of the waypoint and thru the following door. Shoot down the climbable wall and time your leap so you aren’t getting caught by the spike traps. Fight your approach down the following hall, avoiding the lasers as you go, after which do the identical when leaping to the following wall.

Climb as much as the platform and filter the enemies to activate the following button and open the door. Climb your approach up and thru this subsequent space till you emerge outdoors once more. Take care of the enemies right here and use the climbable wall to succeed in the following platform.

Now you will need to head to the place the Dash Refill is and use that to succeed in the big platform within the center. Climb up the wall right here and kill the enemies inside to seize the Red Keycard. Jump again over to the place you have been earlier than and head by way of the door you simply unlocked. There’s just a few extra Arachnotrons and a Hell Knight to cope with in there, so deal with them and go upstairs earlier than passing by way of the lasers.

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Continue on and defeat the enemies within the subsequent few rooms to open the way in which ahead. After the cutscene, keep on shifting and drop right down to the platform under. Use the pole to swing into the vent and head up. Break by way of the vent on the opposite facet and use the partitions to succeed in the following platform. Climb up right here and keep away from the electrified wall, then shoot the inexperienced seal again in the direction of the way in which you got here to increase a platform. Jump over and comply with the waypoint after the cutscene ends. Time to prepare for Doom Eternal’s first boss.

Boss — Doom Hunter

The Doom Hunter will hover across the fight enviornment and use its lock-on rockets to attempt to kill you. You can briefly disable its protect by damaging it with the Plasma Rifle, however it’s best to focus your hearth on the sled it is driving round on to completely disable its rockets and protect.

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Keep shifting and attempt to get behind cowl if its rocket’s lock on to you. Fodder enemies will swarm into this space, so use them to replenish your well being, armor, and ammo. Once you’ve got destroyed Doom Hunter’s sled, it would enter a brand new type the place it launches fiery projectiles from a distance and makes use of a chainsaw when up shut. Keep your distance and proceed to pepper it with harm.

Once it is defeated, hop down the outlet within the heart of the room and put together to battle two extra Doom Hunters. These two do not take fairly as a lot harm to kill, so use the identical technique as earlier than, utilising the setting’s verticality to flee from any precarious positions you end up mid-battle.

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