Now that you’ve got reached Doom Eternal’s sixth mission, issues are in full gear. You’re practically midway by the sport, so preserve at it! Below yow will discover a walkthrough detailing get by the sixth mission, together with the sport’s second main boss battle.

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Mission 6 Walkthrough — Arc Complex

Time to go meet a well-recognized face! As quickly because the mission begins, instantly punch by the wall and comply with this hall to an elevator shaft you possibly can hop down. After the doorways open there are a number of fodder enemies to care for, and you may finally be confronted with a Mancubus and Whiplash. Once all of the enemies are useless, the demonic seal blocking the trail ahead will disappear.

Continue by the ability and you will find a constant onslaught of enemies rising from each nook and cranny, even the present store. Utilise your full arsenal to battle your manner by them–whether meaning utilizing an Ice Bomb to freeze a Pinky in place, or peppering a Dread Knight with the Chaingun–until you finally attain the constructing’s foyer. Go left and drop down the outlet within the flooring, then use the Plasma Rifle to chop by the Energy Shields being utilized by the Soldiers and Carcass on this space. Head down the steps and proceed following the waypoint down the hall, defeating any enemies alongside the best way.

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Jump up a flooring and drop down the outlet on the opposite facet to kill the remainder of the enemies right here. Follow the waypoint and you may finally reemerge outdoors. The purple goo returns on this space, so attempt to keep out of it to keep away from being slowed down. If you do end up wading by the goo, use the Super Shotgun’s meat hook to rapidly pull your self out of it.

Once all of the enemies on this fight enviornment are useless, you possibly can try to open the principle gate. With the trail blocked, you should enter by the constructing a Pinky simply emerged from. As you have interaction in fight with the enemies inside, a Cyber Mancubus will finally seem. This enemy sort is a closely armored variant of the common Mancubus, however a single Blood Punch will destroy all of its armor. A couple of Super Shotgun shells and rockets work effectively, too.

With the Cyber Mancubus and all of its friends useless, comply with the waypoint and climb up a flooring. Use the pole to swing over to the subsequent constructing over and filter out the enemies inside earlier than heading up the steps. Jump down onto the bounce pad beneath after which Dash throughout to the opposite constructing utilizing the Dash Refill to achieve it. More Zombies and Imps will swarm in right here, so take them out and exit by the big hole within the wall. Swing throughout the 2 poles and launch your self to the appropriate to seize onto the wall. Turn round and bounce to the subsequent platform, then hop behind the pile of damaged workplace provides with the inexperienced mild shining on it to discover a block you possibly can melee. Use that to achieve the subsequent flooring, then swing throughout the subsequent pole and onto the climbable wall. Now you will have to leap to the wall on the appropriate that is a good distance away, and comply with the waypoint by the hole within the wall from there.

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Clear out the enemies inside, then use the elevator as a stepping stone to achieve the subsequent flooring. Face the destroyed aircraft and you may see some extra inexperienced lights projected onto the billboard beneath the wreckage. Jump down right here and there is a wall you possibly can latch onto. Climb up and battle your manner by the aircraft’s inside till you emerge inside one other constructing. Take out the enemies on this enviornment till the demonic seal is damaged, then make your manner up the flights of stairs.

When you attain the highest, bounce throughout to the burning constructing and make your manner down till you possibly can hop within the elevator. There’s a tricky encounter within the lobby, so simply be sure to’re replenishing your well being, armor, and ammo with the instruments in your arsenal. Head by the door and there is a few extra enemies to care for outdoors. Once they’re all useless, head to the waypoint and bounce right down to the appropriate and into the portal. Now you possibly can enter the turret and destroy the primary tentacle blocking the trail to Hayden.

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Exit the turret and battle by the subsequent hall till you attain an elevator. Continue shifting by the innards of the ability and you may finally enter one other fight enviornment. There are a number of flooring and a portal you should use to get out of hazard, so utilise the surroundings when you possibly can. With every thing defeated, a Cyber Mancubus will burst by the ground. Take it out and drop into the outlet it opened up and you will find your self within the sewer.

There’s extra purple goo right here so your motion velocity is impeded. Use the Super Shotgun to filter out the enemies, together with the tentacles, and melee the blocks proper in entrance of you as you enter the bigger space with a sequence hyperlink fence. Climb up the blocks and launch off the pole to your proper to achieve the subsequent platform. Continue shifting by the ability, whereas ensuring to keep away from the electrical traps, till you attain the second turret.

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With the huge tentacles now gone, comply with the waypoint down the subsequent few corridors and into the automobile park till you are again outdoors in the principle courtyard. Now you possibly can entry the shutter doorways and battle your manner throughout the bridge to the Arc constructing the place Hayden is.

Boss battle – Marauder

Now it is time to battle Doom Eternal’s second boss. The Marauder is a defensive opponent who makes use of an impenetrable protect to dam your photographs. You wish to keep pretty near him, however not too shut, and wait till his eyes flash inexperienced to counter his melee assault and harm him with the Super Shotgun.

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Quickly dispatch the golden wolf at any time when he summons it, and make use of the fodder enemies that are available to replenish your well being, armor, and ammo. This generally is a prolonged battle due to the Marauder’s defensive strengths, so that you simply have to be affected person and look forward to these openings when his eyes flash inexperienced, utilising your Dash to keep away from his different assaults within the meantime. Damage him sufficient and you’ll finish the battle with a ugly Glory Kill.

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