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fear of number 13, Triskaidekaphobia, friday the 13th, Triskaidekaphobia symptoms, indian express
Triskaidekaphobia, which is a sort of a particular phobia, might be characterised as excessive or irrational concern of the quantity 13. (Picture: Getty Photos/Thinkstock)

A phobia is an nervousness dysfunction which is characterised by a persistent and extreme concern of a particular object or state of affairs, during which the concern can get out of proportion in response to the set off for a similar. One such phobia is Triskaidekaphobia, which might be characterised as excessive or irrational concern of the quantity 13.

“Driving its roots from the superstitions found within our culture and traditions, it is extremely uncommon to have a hotel, or an apartment have a 13th floor, regardless of the fact that the tower or building does extend beyond 13 floors. Be it a date, a house number, or even the digit in itself, triskaidekaphobia can become an extremely pervasive phobia, at times becoming an obsessive tendency interfering with an individual’s overall functioning,” explains Dr Samir Parikh, Director, Division of Psychological Well being and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

For any phobia, the nervousness sometimes results in intense misery within the presence of the set off, in addition to in anticipation of being encountered with the identical. As a consequence, says Dr Parikh, the person tends to develop an avoidance of such conditions, locations, individuals, dates, and many others. which may have something to do with the quantity 13, and consequently may discover themselves indulging in ‘safety behaviours’, being continuously looking out for the quantity 13 in an effort to keep away from it.

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counselling, fear of number 13, psychiatrist, indian express
For a member of the family of a person affected by a phobia you will need to perceive that they’re treatable, {and professional} assistance is irreplaceable. (Picture: Getty Photos/Thinkstock)

“However, the socio-cultural context behind such a fear needs to be understood. Though the etiological factors are similar for all specific phobias, triskaidekaphobia in itself has a major component of observational or vicarious learning being a determining factor. This means that an individual who has been nurtured or grown up in an environment where 13 has been given significance, is more likely to develop the phobia,” he says. Nonetheless, it should be famous that there are a number of contributing elements which have been discovered to work together in the direction of the event of such phobias, together with an interplay between genetic, organic, and psychosocial elements.

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For a member of the family of a person affected by a phobia you will need to perceive that they’re treatable, {and professional} assistance is irreplaceable. It will be important that the particular person struggling isn’t ridiculed for a insecurity and braveness; on the similar time, extreme reassurance in search of in itself may very well be a security behaviour which shouldn’t be inspired. In actual fact, the members of the family and mates should be educated and knowledgeable of the underlying foundation for the phobia for them to encourage a supportive setting for the earliest identification and ample psychiatric and psychological intervention.

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It is very important perceive the position {of professional} therapy, together with a mix of medicines in addition to psychological approaches in lowering the signs of hysteria problems, together with triskaidekaphobia. Aiming at offering leisure methods, such approaches additionally assist the person enhance his/her confidence and shallowness and encourage the particular person to face the nervousness frightening conditions related to the quantity 13, to scale back the period of time spent ruminating concerning the quantity, in addition to to scale back security behaviour.

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