Whether you’re a brand new convert or a veteran consumer, whether or not you might have the most recent Samsung Galaxy or one thing a lot older, our Android suggestions and tips will enable you to!

Android telephones have come a great distance over the previous few years. No matter which model you’re utilizing, there are many superior suggestions and options that that you must learn about—they’ll make your life simpler, assured.

And not simply suggestions and options, however apps as properly. With so many apps within the Google Play Store (and elsewhere), you may just about do something you need together with your Android telephone. You simply must know what’s on the market!

Here’s all the things we’ve written to show you into an Android grasp.

Understanding Android

Confused a few explicit Android function? Want to seize a number of suggestions and tips for issues like Google Assistant and Android Auto? Check out these helpful articles:

  • What Is Stock Android?
  • What Is an Android ROM?
  • What Is Split Screen Mode on Android?
  • What Is Airplane Mode on Android?
  • What Is Android Auto?
  • What Is Android Doze?
  • What Is Android Go and Android One?
  • What Is USB Debugging Mode on Android?
  • What Is USB OTG for Android?
  • What Is Google Assistant?

Basic Android Tips and Tricks


Your Android telephone can do extra than simply obtain and set up apps. Here are a few of our favourite sensible suggestions for taking your Android abilities to the following degree, and they aren’t tough in any respect:

  • How to Remove, Change, and Set Default Apps in Android
  • How to Clear Cache on Android
  • How to Take a Screenshot on Any Android Phone
  • How to Turn On the Flashlight on an Android Phone
  • How to Unlock an Android Phone With Your Voice
  • How to Unlock an Android Phone Without the Power Button
  • How to Schedule SMS Text Messages on Android
  • How to Manage the Clipboard on Android
  • How to Transfer Files From Android to PC
  • How to Move Android Apps to an SD Card
  • How to Uninstall Unwanted Apps on Android
  • How to Prevent Apps From Using Mobile Data on Android

Advanced Android Tips and Tricks


Did you understand your Android telephone has a built-in FM radio? Or perhaps you need to join a recreation controller to play your cellular video games? Here are a few of the cooler issues you are able to do with a little bit of know-how:

  • How to Use an Android Phone as a Webcam
  • How to Control an Android Phone From a Computer
  • How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone
  • How to Connect a Game Controller to an Android Phone
  • How to Connect an Android Phone to a TV
  • How to Mirror Your Android Screen to a PC
  • How to Hide Private Photos on an Android Phone
  • How to Recover Deleted Photos on an Android Phone
  • How to Unlock the FM Radio Hidden in an Android Phone
  • How to Use an Android Phone as a GPS Tracker Device
  • How to Stop Google From Listening on Your Phone
  • How to Use Android Without Google

Useful Apps for Android Users

With the precise apps, you may flip your mundane Android telephone right into a powerhouse instrument. Want to make free telephone calls? Learn a brand new ability? Work out and enhance your well being? Listen to podcasts or stream TV exhibits? Yep, there’s an app for that:

Practical Apps

  • The Best Free Group Conference Call Apps
  • The Best Free Calling Apps (Unlimited Calls and SMS With Wi-Fi)
  • The Best Free Calling Apps for Making Free Phone Calls
  • The Best Apps for a Temporary Burner Phone Number
  • The Best Free Offline GPS Navigation Apps
  • The Best Walkie Talkie Apps
  • The Best Text-to-Speech Apps
  • The Best Speech-to-Text Apps
  • The Best Apps for Learning New Skills
  • The Best Free Note-Taking Apps
  • The Best Study Planning Apps
  • The Best Bullet Journal Apps
  • The Best Receipt Tracking Apps
  • The Best Workout Apps
  • The Best Google Authenticator Alternatives
  • The Best Apps to Really Clean Up Your Device

Entertainment Apps

  • The Best Free IPTV Apps
  • The Best Music Player Apps
  • The Best Podcast Apps
  • The Best Volume and Sound Booster Apps
  • The Best Reverse Image Search Apps
  • The Best Music Production Apps
  • The Best Drawing and Painting Apps
  • The Best Home Screen Widgets
  • The Best Weather Widgets
  • The Best Offline Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

Google Play Store Tips

  • The Most Popular Android Apps within the Google Play Store
  • How to Change Your Region in Google Play Store
  • How to Fix the “Google Play Service Has Stopped” Error
  • How to Fix Common Google Play Store Issues
  • The Best Google Play Store Alternatives
  • The Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads
  • How to Sideload Apps on Android

Troubleshooting Android Device Issues

No matter what system you’re utilizing, Android or in any other case, you’re certain to run into points. When that occurs, you may seek the advice of our greatest articles on how one can resolve points and issues on Android telephones:

  • The Most Common Android Problems, Solved
  • How to Make Android Faster: What Works and What Doesn’t
  • How to Fix an Android Phone That’s Overheating
  • How to Check If Your Android Phone’s Battery Is Healthy
  • How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Phone
  • How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster
  • How to Remove Popup Ads on an Android Phone
  • How to Fix Android Notifications Not Showing Up
  • How to Fix an Android Display That’s Flickering
  • How to Fix an Unresponsive Android Touchscreen
  • How to Recover a Forgotten Android Passcode
  • How to Unbrick Your Android Phone

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