Bioeksen, one of many biotechnology corporations of ITU ARI Teknokent, has developed a pathogen equipment that can diagnose coronavirus in a short while of 90 minutes.

The equipment, which was produced because of the joint R&D work of Bioeksen firm and the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health (HSGM) Virology Laboratory, and mass manufacturing is anticipated to strengthen the hand of healthcare personnel in the struggle in opposition to coronavirus, which swept the world.

Bioeksen Founder Canan Zöhre Ketre Kolukırık made an announcement to the AA reporter concerning the mass they developed in a brief interval of two weeks.


After graduating from Marmara University Biology Department, Kolukırık acknowledged that he has accomplished his grasp’s diploma in ITU Environmental Biotechnology Department and stated, “I am at the thesis stage of my PhD education at ITU Environmental Biotechnology Department. company. ” gave data.

Stating that he participated in the Microbial Ecology Group (MEG) shaped by lecturers from ITU and Boğaziçi University throughout his educational research, Kolukırık stated, “We needed to rework the data and expertise we gained throughout our R&D research into revolutionary industrial merchandise. Within the scope, we established our firm in 2014 with the help of KOSGEB R&D Innovation.

coronavirus diagnoses in 90 minutes

Since 2014, we’ve realized 32 totally different R&D initiatives with the help of TÜBİTAK, Ministry of Development and KOSGEB, and 162 totally different molecular biotechnology merchandise have emerged because of these initiatives. We began in 2019 with a routine gross sales of our merchandise all through Turkey. Our merchandise rapidly responded in the sphere and started to satisfy the important wants of significant public establishments such because the Ministry of Health, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. ”

“We developed the first 100% domestic robotic molecular analyzer”

Kolukırık acknowledged that there are folks from totally different branches equivalent to molecular biologist, meals engineer, environmental engineer, bioengineer, biochemistry specialist, veterinary surgeon, laboratory technician in ITU ARI Teknokent firm Bioeksen staff and they’re continually attempting to develop their medical units based mostly on consumer notifications and worldwide literature.

Explaining that their corporations have developed merchandise for speedy pathogen analysis with molecular biotechnology instruments in the fields of human well being, animal well being and meals security, Kolukırık stated:


“The evaluation takes days for the analysis Pathogen Our revolutionary options obtain the clocks order, it has allowed us to quickly progress in our sector. Bioeks that not solely as a consumable producer, has achieved a primary for Turkey, has developed a 100 p.c home first robotic molecular analyzer and handed into manufacturing.

Our greatest prospects embody R&D and routine evaluation laboratories affiliated to the Ministry of Health, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, that are additionally our R&D companions. In addition, hospitals in numerous locations in Turkey, we’re additionally making their meals and veterinary management laboratories via direct gross sales or distributors. “

“The difference from its counterparts is that it gives the right results in 90 minutes”

Public Health General Directorate (HSGM) relying provincial public well being facilities laboratories, since 2019, 24 totally different viral brokers of molecular diagnostic research that are in circulation in Turkey, Kolukırık indicating that walked by I programs produce Bioeksen’s, stated:

“Bioeks the workers, as a part of a service settlement with the World Health Organization, public well being threats started to play an lively function in the context of viral components be screened in Turkey. When emerged coronavirus outbreak, already HSGM and Bioeks that in cooperation with a speedy motion in the WHO steering and developed a equipment for the detection of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which induced an epidemic in a brief interval of two weeks, and Bioeksen began manufacturing of this equipment. The distinction of the equipment we developed was about 90 minutes in the precise analysis of the virus. is giving in such a short while.

In circumstances the place the detection programs of Bioeksen are detrimental of SARS-CoV-2 (epidemic coronavirus), it offers a fantastic benefit in figuring out the reason for the illness by offering the screening of 24 different kinds of viral brokers that can trigger the illness. The developed product is included in the WHO emergency listing, the method continues to be ongoing. “


“In addition to the danger in Turkey coronavirus as the influenza A virus commonly”

Canan Zöhre Ketra Kolukırık, the Ministry of Health, stating that he did work in a short time and successfully in coronavirus, as a result of it scans all of the viral agent varieties apart from coronavirus the Bioeksen detection system, this 12 months could have details about the components that are in circulation in Turkey they advised.

Kolukırık, “according to the data we received from the field, this year in Turkey as well as the danger of coronavirus common Influenza A virus.” gave data.

It makes R&D by itself price range

Kolukırık acknowledged that they’ve acquired product growth helps from KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Development to date, and famous that they’ve made R&D with their very own budgets in current years.

In the quick time period molecular pathogen in the standard of Turkey’s international dependence in the analysis of areas that can decrease the quantity and enhance the kits and units, explaining that they needed to provide Kolukırık, “In the next 10 years, developing non-equivalents and critical problem solving products, is among the world leaders in our sector We have an ambitious target. ” he spoke.

Expressing that being inside the physique of İTÜ ARI Teknokent provides status to them, Kolukırık accomplished his phrases as follows:

“İTÜ ARI Teknokent reveals its distinction with many technoparks each with its visionary method and its efforts to develop its corporations worldwide. Being along with corporations from totally different sectors in the present ecosystem provides totally different views to us.

As the Bioeksen household, it’s our greatest dream to the touch the lives of individuals positively with our R&D companions, by growing programs that can make particular pathogen analysis inside minutes, earlier than the human reaches the detection and management of the pathogen hazard. ”

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