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'Chrissy Wonka'! Chrissy Teigen Makes Chocolate Bars with Luna for the ‘First and Last Time Ever’

Chrissy Teigen reworked into “Chrissy Wonka,” and the Teigen-Legend house into “the chocolate factory” on Thursday evening, as seen on the cookbook writer’s always-entertaining Instagram tales.

Teigen, 33, teamed up along with her husband, John Legend, 40, and their three-year-old daughter, Luna, to make chocolate bars utilizing quite a lot of instruments, molds and tasty-looking toppings.

“It’s happening,” Teigen says, taking a video of bowls of milk and white chocolate heating up over the range, then switching the digital camera to a pot of effervescent caramel. A bowl of peanut butter nougat sat on the counter, and Teigen couldn’t assist however stick her finger within the fluffy-looking combination, saying “mmmm.” 

Because the household waited for the chocolate and caramel to soften earlier than beginning the candy-making course of, Legend and Luna joined palms for an lovable father-daughter dance social gathering to Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.” Chrissy sang alongside, filming, whereas their bulldog, Pepper, discovered himself underfoot the dancing pair. 

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Lastly, with the chocolate totally melted, the newbie chocolatiers started filling the molds with chocolate and toppings. Luna’s first bar was fabricated from milk chocolate and crammed with mini-marshmallows, nuts and Reese’s Items, and white icing was used to spell her identify in cursive letters. 

“John tell them what you made,” Teigen says, zooming her video in on Legend’s brown blob of a chocolate bar. “It’s a very novel concept,” he responds. “I put chocolate together with peanuts and caramel and nougat.” (Teigen remarks that it “sounds like a Snickers.”0

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However as deliciously enjoyable because the sweet making regarded from afar, Teigen instructed Twitter that the expertise could be their “first and last time ever.”


She posted a photograph of herself with Luna, who appears to be like smitten with a giant chocolate bar in hand. “I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty. But yeah I am never doing this again,” she wrote.

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