The presenter of First Dates and of actuality of Mediaset Survivors, Carlos Sobera, has been honest on the Uppers website and has revealed a few of the hardest moments of his life.

The Basque, who has acknowledged that as a toddler he wished to be an actor and that he even considered changing into a priest earlier than taking his legislation diploma, he has outlined his teammates First Dates Like his second household. But the second of biggest emotion has been when he has had to speak about his spouse, Patricia, with whom he has been 15 years.

“It was a love at first sight and then I fell in love until the bars. When I met her, I fulfilled all my dreams, ”he stated, earlier than making a mirrored image:“ It’s true that when such good things happen to you, something has to fail because it can’t be all so beautiful. ”

In 2019, each Sobera and her household had a tough time due to two critical health issues. “I had a fistula and it almost took me to the other neighborhood. My wife is the one who is told that they were going to raise me to the operating room, but they didn’t know if I was going to leave because I could die in 24 hours, ”he stated.

The other second was the other approach round, because it was his spouse’s struggling. The presenter, who was recording First Dates, was warned that Patricia had had a bit dizziness. “They told me that I had a small spill and that they were looking at it. When I get to the room and I find it semi-unconscious, I hit a tremendous blow, ”stated Sobera, who has summed up all the things with three phrases and almost tears in her eyes:“ It’s going badly ”.

“He is very young and I was very angry,” he concluded visibly excited. Since then, they’ve the philosophy of carpe diem, since “life goes away in an instant.”

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