Delhi police protests, Tis hazari court violence, Lawyers-police clash at saket court, delhi news, Indian express
Road jam throughout Delhi police protest at PHQ in New Delhi on Tuesday. (Express picture by Prem Nath Pandey)

As advocates in Delhi High Court and all district courts known as for abstention from work for the third consecutive day, senior members of the bar known as for restraint and appealed to attorneys to name off the strike.

“Violence never leads to anything good. The Supreme Court has already laid down the law that lawyers’ strike and suspension of the court is illegal,” retired Supreme Court decide Abhay Manohar Sapre mentioned.

In 2003, a three-judge bench ruling of the Supreme Court had mentioned that attorneys haven’t any proper to go on strike or give a name for boycott, not even on a token strike.

“The protest, if any is required, can only be by giving press statements, TV interviews, carrying out of court premises banners and/or placards, wearing black or white or any colour arm bands, peaceful protest marches outside and away from court premises, going on dharnas or relay fasts, etc,” the courtroom had mentioned.

In October, the Delhi High Court had additionally noticed that attorneys must refuse to abide by calls of strike.

Former further solicitor basic Siddharth Luthra appealed to attorneys to end the strike instantly. “It is time for the legal community, who are upholders of law, to end the strike immediately and pursue remedies by all legal means posssible,” he mentioned.

“The issue is under judicial scrutiny and those who believe in the rule of law must eschew extra legal methods,” Luthra mentioned.

Senior advocate and former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Vikas Singh, condemned the violence and name for strike by attorneys, though he added that “the initial provocation seems to be done by the police”.

“But I do not approve of what happened thereafter. It is simply snowballing out of control now. As a member of the Bar, lawyers cannot take law in their hands,” he mentioned.

“Lawyers as a class have no special immunity and the police deserve respect. The entire police force cannot be blamed but sometimes there are excesses and that’s where the courts intervene,” he added.


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