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In Starz’s new coming-of-age comedy Now Apocalypse, Avan Jogia stars as Ulysses, an aimless millennial simply attempting to determine his life in Los Angeles — and, oh yeah, perhaps save the world from an alien invasion. When Uly begins having bizarre premonitions of predatory reptilians, he is not certain if he is destined for one thing better or simply actually, actually excessive.

And you already know what? Who hasn’t had some actually loopy concepts after they’re stoned? That is such a typical prevalence, actually, that there is a complete subreddit, r/highideas, devoted to simply that! So within the spirit of the Starz comedy’s tripped-out vibes, we determined to have Jogia and his co-star Kelli Berglund, who performs Uly’s BFF Carly, take a shot at answering a few of the greatest, weirdest, and way-too-deep questions posed in r/highideas. Is peanut butter simply nut jam? If a Dorito was music, what track would it not be? Take a look at Jogia and Berglund’s hilarious responses within the video above.

Now Apocalypse airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund Reply Stoner Questions From Reddit 1

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Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund Reply Stoner Questions From Reddit 2

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