Author Robert Soulières says he is willing to change a passage in a single of his books that led to a human rights complaint from a Gatineau, Que., father.

Gioberti Francois stated his 12-year-old son was assigned Soulières’s thriller novel Un Cadavre de Classe, however wasn’t given the fitting context to interpret a passage with a racial slur.

On web page 129, there’s an alternate between a mom and son that reads:

Et tu es assez vieux maintenant pour comprendre que, dans la vie, on ne fait pas toujours ce qu’on veut et qu’on est souvent le nègre de quelqu’un et que ce quelqu’un-là, c’est moi!”  

In English that interprets to:

“And you’re old enough now to understand that in life we do not always do what we want and that we are often someone’s Negro, and that someone is me.”

In French, the phrase nègre can imply each Negro and the N-word. 

Francois wrote to Quebec’s human rights fee, saying the language within the book is racist and outdated.

Soulières instructed Radio-Canada on Thursday it is the primary complaint he is heard of because the book was revealed in 1997, however he understands the response.

In a French-language interview, the creator stated the tone of the book is humorous, and he did not embrace the time period to offend anybody.

“I don’t see why this word should be banned from the dictionary and everyday speech, but I understand that it shocked someone,” he stated. “I’m ready to apologize and change [that part].”

He stated that might occur throughout the subsequent six to 12 months when the book is reprinted.

Criticism stays

Francois stated it is nonetheless an issue that the book is endorsed by the province’s training ministry.

The president of Ottawa-based African and Caribbean cultural group Mosaïque interculturelle stated such a racial slur in a book that is set within the current previous could possibly be complicated for youths; it is simpler for them to perceive the right context in books which can be set in historic occasions.

She stated it is time for Soulières’ book to be faraway from colleges.


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