Manager A.J. Hinch thinks the allegations that the Astros are utilizing whistles to relay stolen indicators are fairly silly and he is uninterested in talking about it.

“It made me laugh. Because it’s ridiculous,” Hinch told reporters before Houston’s Game 4 matchup with the Yankees on Thursday, via the Houston Chronicle. “Had I known it would take something like that to set off the Yankees or another team, we’d have practiced it in spring training. Because it works.”

New York reportedly believed the Astros had been utilizing whistles to convey stolen indicators throughout Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. The Yankees finally gained the sport 7-Zero as they modified up their indicators to maintain Houston off stability.

MLB cleared the Astros of any wrongdoing Thursday, in keeping with The Athletic. The report said no officers heard any whistles at any time coming from the Astros through the recreation.

Stealing indicators is not unlawful until an digital system is used and selecting up tipped pitches is a typical observe in MLB. The Astros considerably famously picked up pitches from Yu Darvish through the World Series in 2017 and had been accused in 2018 of utilizing cameras to steal indicators as had been the Dodgers.

Houston has by no means been caught utilizing a digicam on to steal indicators, however the Yankees and Rays have reportedly been suspicious of it taking place. At this level, although the Astros are simply aggravated on the allegations and Hinch went on the offensive in opposition to the unnamed supply which advised the New York Post the Yankees believed the Astros had been utilizing whistles to relay stolen indicators.

“When you guys ask me this question my face, my name is by my quotes,” Hinch mentioned. “My opinions, my reaction is all for you guys to tweet out and put on the broadcast. But when we have people who are unnamed or you guys have sources that are giving you information, I suggest they put their name by it if they’re so passionate about it to comment about my team or my players. There’s nothing going on other than the competition on the field. The fact that I had to field a question before a really, really cool game at Yankee Stadium is unfortunate. But if we can put it to rest, that’ll be the last question I answer about pitch tipping or pitch stealing.”

The Astros and Yankees face off in Game four of the ALCS at 8:08 p.m. ET on Thursday.

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