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This week on Arrow, Roy Harper returned to present-day Star Metropolis to assist the group observe Emiko. So… how is life going for Thea’s beau?

Whereas we have now seen Roy within the flash-forwards this season, this was the primary time we have now caught up together with his present-day self since he, Thea and Nyssa left city a couple of yr in the past to trace down and shut down remaining Lazarus Pits. Upon first reuniting with Oliver & Co., Roy shared that Thea is “good” and has “lastly discovered her ardour.” So far, he says, they’ve discovered two Lazarus Pits and are closing in on the final ones.

Approach to bury the lead, bro.

As a result of towards episode’s finish, in a bombshell drop that allllmost made the painful 40 minutes that preceded it worthwhile, we and Staff Arrow discovered what Roy had been hiding from them.

The crux of the episode concerned Dinah and Sgt. Bingsley’s interrogation of Staff Arrow members, Roy included, about how two transit guards ended up useless on the location the place they acted to cease Emiko from dispersing a lethal gasoline into the subway system HVAC. Dinah grilled her companions in vigilantism one after the other… by one.. by onezzzzz… with every Q&A pointing suspicion on the subsequent interviewee.

However, it seems, the story on which they “bought” Dinah, and thus Sgt. Bingsley and Mayor Pollard — that Emiko killed the guards — was bogus. They, Dinah included, have been truly protecting for Roy, whom they discovered on the finish of the op beating the guards to a pulp with a pipe.

Why did Roy snap?

The higher query, as Oliver requested his longtime good friend, was: “When did you die?”

Yep, Roy apparently had been shot useless by a Thanatos Guild member’s arrow in the course of the previous yr, after which Thea and Nyssa used a Lazarus Pit to resurrect him. However due to the hint mirakuru in his system, the lotus elixir didn’t utterly quell his bloodlust.

As a result of Roy was and shall all the time be a Staff Arrow member, Oliver insisted they cowl up for him, whereas pinning Emiko — a assassin, for positive — because the killer.

What nobody realized, nevertheless, was that it was neither Dinah nor Felicity who cleaned the subway safety cameras. Nope, Emiko had taken the damning footage and despatched it to Bingsley. She fortunately revealed this to Oliver after luring Staff Arrow to an Deserted Constructing, explaining that her plan was for him to die a villain, as their father did, after she triggered bombs to drop the constructing on Staff Arrow.

However earlier than she did, Emiko additionally dropped this on Oliver; She might have saved Robert Queen from the Queen’s Gambit sinking, however determined he didn’t should dwell. AND THEN BOOM!  The episode closed with Oliver, for one, pinned down by the exploded rubble.

What did you consider the Roy reveal (sheds gentle on his dour future, eh, and doable the character of his rift with Thea), and Oliver’s resolution to hide his brutal homicide of the guards?

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