The new TASS special project “The first faces of business” was released on Its author – the famous interviewer Andrei Vandenko – first interviewed in a remote format, which took place at the site of the service for video conferencing Zoom

The hero of the first issue was the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Aeon Corporation, billionaire and visionary Roman Trotsenko. He told how big business survives in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and shared his forecast on how the market and our life will change after the lifting of restrictive measures.

According to Vandenko, he is interviewing for the first time. in video call format. “If for my interlocutor Roman Trotsenko this method of communication is already a familiar practice, for me it is a new experience,” said the journalist. it’s not the hardest. It was unusual to work in conditions when the screen-sharing separates us from the other person. Previously, I always tried to exclude this form of communication, preferring to talk in person, because of which some interviews did not take place. But today we have to take into account the situation that has developed

Vandenko expects that in the future he will still manage to organize a personal meeting with one of his interlocutors. “For me, contact with the interlocutor is important, which allows you to feel the person, and when communicating through the screen a lot is lost,” the journalist said.

Future project heroes include Kaspersky Lab owner Evgeny Kaspersky, Wildberries CEO Tatyana Bakalchuk, Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev and Russian investor Leonid Boguslavsky.

Since 2014, Andrei Vandenko has been conducting the TASS First Person project. In this section, the agency publishes interviews with heads of ministries and departments, leading representatives of the legislative and judicial authorities, state corporations and companies, and cultural figures. As part of the project, in 2014 Vandenko recorded a television interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and in 2020, he authored an interview in the TASS special project “20 Questions for Vladimir Putin,” which received wide resonance in Russia and the world.

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