10 Crazy Bender Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra had been each wildly standard sequence, and thus they impressed greater than just a little little bit of chatter amongst followers. Naturally, this meant that loads of fan theories popped up everywhere in the web. Some of those theories revolved round characters or plot. But different theories centered on bending itself, and that is hardly a shock. The bending system inside Avatar is shockingly effectively thought out, together with a special fashion of martial arts for every bending kind.

What is shocking is simply how spot-on most of the fan theories on the market ended up being. The followers of the sequence ought to really feel happy with that. Here are ten of the bending centered theories that the followers bought proper.

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10 Airbenders Forever

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, we noticed the devastation of the airbenders. But followers had been decided to not consider that this is able to imply the everlasting disappearance of the airbenders as we all know them. After all, Aang survived. Who’s to say the airbender’s cannot return?

As it seems, we had cause to carry onto that hope. The Legend of Korra confirmed that Aang did, the truth is, have at the very least one airbender baby, and he went on to have kids of his personal. So, with time, the airbenders grew to become a robust power of their very own.

9 Healing

One of the earliest theories to pop up concerned waterbending and it is specialties. Specifically, followers believed that we’d be seeing some focuses inside the waterbenders – the flexibility to heal. Likewise, this was one of many first theories to be confirmed.

We’re all effectively conscious of the truth that Katara herself grew to become each a waterbender and a healer. Her therapeutic potential was proven very on within the sequence, to a lot glee of followers all over the place. The solely query left was how far the therapeutic might be pushed.

8 Earthbenders Have Undiscovered Secondary Abilities

If you’ve got spent any time watching Avatar, then you definitely’re effectively conscious of the truth that waterbending has a ton of secondary focuses. Some followers believed that there was no approach that waterbending was the one bending kind to be able to branching off.

Specifically, followers believed that earthbending would come second in an inventory of which components would have secondary components to bend. And they had been spot on. As the sequence progressed, we realized that there have been different issues that earthbenders may do. It simply took them a little bit of time.

7 Sandbending

As talked about above, followers had been satisfied that earthbenders would be capable to do greater than the plain. After all, waterbenders can heal and bend crops. Why not department out a bit extra with the earthbenders? The theories about what earthbenders may transfer went all over, however some followers had been centered on sand and the flexibility to bend this free materials.

And you already know what? Once once more, these followers had been proper. Sandbending appears to be considerably unusual, however that hasn’t stopped these resourceful benders from utilizing it at any time when they may.

6 Metalbending

The different earthbending subtype that followers predicted was metalbending. Admittedly, this reveal was much more important to the sequence, because it was Toph herself who invented the specialty. But there is no doubt that followers celebrated the reveal.

It is smart that earthbenders would be capable to have an effect on different varieties of earth – together with the steel inside. It additionally is smart that Toph, together with her distinctive approach of perceiving the world, can be the one to determine the right way to handle the trick.

5 Bloodbending

Waterbenders have already got a ton of subtypes in relation to bending, but followers had been satisfied that there was yet another kind of bending lurking across the nook. One specifically is considerably darker than the others, and a few would even say that it is the pure counterpoint to therapeutic.

We’re, in fact, speaking about bloodbending. Fans started predicting this eventual transfer as early as season one – as arduous as that could be to consider. But it additionally makes fairly a little bit of sense, when you concentrate on the opposite issues that waterbenders can management. That, and when you concentrate on the quantity of water mendacity inside an individual’s physique.

4 Energy Bending

Thanks to the deep dive each sequence did on the Avatar cycle, followers have a fairly good concept that we would ultimately see one thing similar to vitality bending. The specifics tended to fluctuate amongst followers and sure teams, however all of them agreed that it was one thing that was sure to occur.

Energy bending allowed Aang to have a peaceable decision to the massive combat on the finish, giving him the possibility to to cease the struggle and likewise comply with his beliefs. Perhaps that’s the different cause why followers anticipated this transfer.

3 Pushing Metalbending To The Limits

Korra Metalbending

As talked about above, metalbending was a factor that almost all die-hard followers noticed coming (not that it diminished the reveal’s dramatic second in any approach). Once that second occurred, followers started theorizing about how far the sequence would push this newfound ability.

It wasn’t till the graphic novels and The Legend of Korra that we actually bought to see it. But, amazingly, some followers had been proper. Fans believed that metalbending might be pushed in direction of the physique, both for therapeutic functions (similar to heavy steel poisoning and the like) or for injury.

2 Bending Is Not Genetic

From the earliest factors within the sequence, a debate started. The debate centered on bending, and the way it ran by populations. Was it genetic? Was it realized? How did it work? Some followers had been satisfied early on that it could not presumably be genetic. After all, the Avatar isn’t associated to their incarnations, nor are they associated to benders from the entire components.

The sequence confirmed this idea after they confirmed us a set of similar twins. One was a bender, the opposite was not. If bending was purely genetic, each twins would have been the identical, and least in idea.

1 Firebending Specialties?

The final idea on our record entails firebending. There have been a number of fan theories surrounding firebending. After all, waterbending and earthbending produce other subsets, so theoretically firebending does as effectively.

We all know that some firebenders may also work with lightning, which is each cool and terrifying. Fans additionally theorized {that a} firebender, if highly effective sufficient, may manipulate lava, which was one thing confirmed within the sequence. However, it is one thing that solely appears to happen with Avatars… which might be for the most effective.

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